The Columbian Q-Tip

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The Columbian Q-Tip
Number 144
Broadcast Date September 11, 2012
Episode Length 1:10:54
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Korey Coleman

Oh boy, Korey Coleman is here so it is definitely going to be and amazing episode. The guys try to improve some movies, but mostly end up talking about powdered booty holes.


Opening Video

The PSYning

Dragon*Con Recap

Since they've been talking about it for the past 3 months, Brian and Justin finally pull back the curtain on the secretive Diamond Club party.

What Were We Planning To Do?

For a good 15-20 minutes, Brian, Justin and Korey ignored everything they planned and just talked about Neal Gay-Man, powdered booty holes, Tony Cox and Columbian Q-Tips.

Improving Our Favorite Movies

We all like movies, but sometimes they just need a little extra. So the hosts and the Chatrealm came up with some of their favorite movies and then came up with some of their favorite things that weren't in the movie and tried to come up with a scene that could be added that combines the two.

  • Star Wars + boobs
    • Justin proposes that they add a scene of a kid jerkin it to some titty balls. Then they pan out to reveal that the boy is Luke Skywalker.
  • The Wizard of Oz + Zombies
    • They throw some clothes on the corn fields and the clothes land just right so that the corn turns into clothed zombies.
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory + Tony Cox
    • Tony Cox plays a Willy Wonka that hates tall people. To get back at all the tall people, he put chemical in all of his candy that, when he activates his secret device, causes every one's legs to fall off below the knees. But then he is defeated because he didn't realize that people still have long arms and can still grab him.
  • Star Wars Prequels + Boobs
    • Anakin's mom should be lactating midi-chlorians.
  • 2001: A Space Oddessy + More than two characters that talk
    • Neal Gay-Man is also on the ship and trying to get some action.
  • Madea Goes to Jail + Mitt Romney
    • Mitt is ahead in the polls and he is about to win the election, but the news comes out that he had sex with Madea. All the old crusty white dudes think that Mitt Romney is done for, however this makes him incredibly popular and he wins in a landslide. The movie is called "Madea Goes to The White House".
  • Hard Candy + Madea
    • Replace Sandra Oh with Madea.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "Then name something we all like, then somebody says 'boobs.'"- Brian
    • "Well who doesn't like those? You took mine by the way. Not my boobs but you took my pick."- Korey
  • "I'm still here people."- Korey
  • "Squarespace doesn't go down, unlike Neal Gay-Man."- Justin

Fun Facts

  • This years Diamond Club Shirts went on sale (and sold out) during this episode. Link
  • In this episode, we found out that Bill Doran looks a bit like actor Tony Cox.
  • This weeks Belt bet was one of the biggest upsets ever with 32,038 fake dollars bet on Korey and only 251 fake dollars bet on "Nobody".
  • In the aftershow, the guys brokedown the video for Genesis' "Land of Confusion'.


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