The Decentralized Central Bank

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The Decentralized Central Bank
Number 3504
Broadcast Date APRIL 5, 2019
Episode Length 33:09
Hosts Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang
Guests Laura Shin

Laura Shin host of the Unchained Podcast is on the show to talk about the state of Blockchain technology and gives us an overview of the Decentralized Finance movement.


Quick Hits

The Wall Street Journal's sources say Apple Music reached 28 million paid subscribers in February, passing Spotify which had 26 million. However if you include the free tier, Spotify has more users than Apple Music in the US and it still has more paid subscribers worldwide. The reports also claims Apple Music's worldwide growth rate is higher than Spotify's.
Google announced the dissolution of the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council, first announced last week on March 26th. Google employees petitioned for the removal of Heritage Foundation president Kay Cole James and Carnegie Mellon's Alessandro Acquisti resigned. Google said it became clear the council could not function properly and it "will find different ways of getting outside opinions on these topics."
A pilot program from Google puts a row of advertisements on Android TV device home screens. A Sony support page says "The purpose is to help you discover new apps and contents for your TV." Sony says it is managed by Google and cannot be customized. XDA Developers reports seeing the strip in Sony smart TVs, Mi Box 3 and NVIDIA Shield TV.
China's TikTok app is launching a talent contest where users from Japan and Korea can upload music videos to be judged by local musicians and people from record labels. A combination of popularity and judges opinions will narrow the field to 18 over the next five months. TikTok says five to ten acts will be crowned winners at the end of the season.

Top Stories

The European Commission sent “Statements of Objections” to Valve, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media and ZeniMax, saying it believes geoblocking Steam purchases violates Article 101. Article 101 regards the Digital Single Market and geo-blocking prevents crossborder sales in some EU member countries. After an investigation, the European Commission could ban the behavior, and fine companies up to 10% of their annual worldwide turnover.
In preliminary Q1 earnings, Samsung reported operating income fell 60% on the year, the biggest decline since Q3 2014 and below analyst estimates. Samsung issued a warning last month that income would come short, due to decreases in DRAM and NAND memory prices as a result of slowing sales. DRAM demand is expected to rise in the second half of the year as data centers work through existing inventories. Samsung's display divisions was also hurt by lower-than-expected iPhone sales and competition from Chinese display makers.
A study published in Psychological Science by scientists from the University of Oxford found little evidence of a link between time spent on devices by teenagers and general wellbeing. The study combined self-reporting and time-diary which records what teens are doing at certain times of day. Data was used from 17,000 teens in the UK, US and Ireland collected between 2011 and 2016. Further studies could take into account the type of content being viewed.
Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports his sources say Amazon will launch a pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds with voice integration in the second half of 2019. The device will reportedly look similar to Apple's Airpods, have a USB-charging case and let users tap to answer calls and change tracks. Current test units come in black and grey.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission issued guidelines this week for companies that want to sell digital tokens. The SEC considers most cryptocurrencies an investment contract. That means they should be considered securities, and registered with the SEC before being offered to the public. The SEC guidelines do say Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities because they are decentralized. In a separate letter this week, TurnKey Jet was also allowed to offer unregistered tokens because the proceeds would not be used to build the token network and the tokens would not trade outside TurnKey's platform.




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