The Fall of the Romaine Empire

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The Fall of the Romaine Empire
Number 248
Broadcast Date November 21, 2018
Episode Length 01:12:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Ali Spagnola

The A-Hole Team gets back together to alert the US audience about a danger in their very homes: romaine lettuce. Plus, we're joined with Ali Spagnola to scientifically guess the night attacks in the news. And your emails to

Send in relationship questions for next week's show to

Find all the anti-romaine adobeshops over at

This week is Black Friday, so be sure to check out everything on sale at and


It's Black Friday

Hey have you heard about this cool new thing all the kids are doing called Black Friday? It means stuff is on sale at Brian's and Justin's

Let Us Give Thanks

It's true, the GUBMINT has declared a dire warning that all romaine lettuce will kill you instantly in your sleep. It is up to Justin and Brian to get the word out and warn the unsuspecting public.

The mission: generate as much anti-romaine propaganda as possible. Chatrealm was up to the task

Brian, however, attempted to write "Romaine 4 Shame" on his forehead and was pretty much unsuccessful. At least he was able to wipe it off.


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This BIT BOSS that romained at the end of this episode was SOMETHING NOBODY COULD UNDERSTAND, ENUNCIATE!

It's Ali Spagnola!

Hey it's recent bandmate from TwitchCon, Ali Spagnola. Ali's been a busy busy bee with convention appearances and her regular fitness streams on twitch, youtube videos, snapchat, Patreon etc.

Night Attack Apologizes For Game

It's a game from Peter Jansen! It's a variation on the "apologizes for" game with headlines that contain "Night Attack" in them. There's a word in the headline blanked out, and they have to guess what it is.

The last question is three points! It's anyone's game!

Ali Wins! Do you have a game to play? Send it to mail at night attack dot tv. You may in fact be a recipient of a sticker pack from

Movie Draft

This is still going? Brian is in the lead! Get the Deet Deet Deets at

Diamond Time


More great pictures of birds! Reddit gold! A lack of emails! For next week, send in your relationship questions.


  • "Yo, this religion shit is lit" - Justin, as a child in sunday school
  • "Romaine? More like David Blaine!" - Brian
  • "We're lighting it up with the 18-25 demo!" - Justin
  • "This is what happens when Bonnie is sick and can't make the show, Brian starts writing on his forehead" - Bryce
  • "Just trying to not get demonitized" - Ali Spagnola

Fun Facts

  • Brian has a builder coming out to the Modern Rogue World Headquarters this week
  • Many countries have a "Gold Coast"


Preshow & Aftershow

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The Fall of the Romaine Empire
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