The Lips Match the Drapes

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The Lips Match the Drapes
Number 235
Broadcast Date August 22, 2018
Episode Length 01:36:07
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Dog panic! Brian's memories of getting frisky. Plus, we make fun of famous people names in "Stealing Bases or Stealing the Country?"


What is Wrong with Your Dog

Brian has had a lot of on his mind with Jay being in the hospital. This led to a mistaken situation where Brian had a minor freakout with a neighbor when Brian thought the neighbor had his dog unleashed, knowing Brian's dog Kepler will be aggressive towards other dogs.

Now it turns out that the other dog was on a leash, and the guy heard Brian talking on the phone about it so he came over to let Brian know the dog was on a leash and not to be worried. This did not calm Brian, and he just insisted the other guy and his leashed dog go away.

Feeling guilty at unfairly treating this neighbor, Brian took to Nextdoor and wrote a long post apologizing to the man. The catharsis of writing the post was good and did it's job and stayed kind of lowkey, but then it showed up on Best of Nextdoor. Oh well.

#HamsForJay Update

Yes, Jay Brushwood is still in the hospital. No, there is no real news or details on changes in his condition. Brian et al again ask you to use your good judgement to not make more work for Brian's family in this situation.

Having said that, Brian told Jay about the #HamsForJay hashtag (which is is the only thing you should do at this time) and thought it was hilarious.


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It's a game from HuskyCaucasian. Bryce gives the guys a name, and they have to guess if the person is a Baseball player, or a Politician. It'll be great!

  • Daniel Akaka. Brian says politician. He was a Senator from Hawaii. Points!
  • Harry Baals. Justin says politican. He was a politician! Points!
  • Johnny Dickshot. Brian says politician. He was a baseball player! No points!
  • Twinkle Cavanaugh. Justin says baseball, but she's a politician! No points!
  • Mysterious Walker. Brian says a baseball player. They were a baseball player! Points!
  • Steve Christmas. Justin says a politician. They were a baseball player! No points!
  • Cannonball Titcomb. Brian says a politician. No, they were a baseball player! No points!
  • Young Boozer. Justin says a politician. He was a politician! Points!

At this point the game is 2-2. We're batting 0.500!

  • Ben Bushyhead. Brian says politician, and it is a politician! Points!
  • Rusty Kuntz. Justin says politician. He was a baseball player! No points!
  • Pussy Tebeau. Brian says without even hearing the name, says it was a Senator from Oregon. No they were a baseball player! No points!
  • Dick Swett. Justin says baseball. He was a politician! No points!

Double points round!

  • Salmon Chase. Brian says a baseball player, but no he was a politician! No points.
  • Boots Poffenberger. Justin says a politician, but he was a baseball player! No points!

Final Round, score is 3-2. This one is ten points!

  • Dickie Thon. Justin says a politician, and Brian has to pick the opposite answer of baseball player. They were a BASEBALL PLAYER!

Brian wins, but more importantly - Justin loses!

If you have a game, send it to and don't tweet it at Bryce that's stupid and goes in the garbage. If they use it, you likely will get a free sticker pack from

Diamond Time

  • Openbayou wants to you know the DragonCon 2018 schedule: Geek IO show is Friday night, 11:30PM at The Hilton Atlanta, Galleria 6. Politics! Politics! Politics! is Sunday, 5:30PM at The Hilton Atlanta, Galleria 6. The final Night Attack @ DragonCon is Sunday night, 10:00PM at the Marriott Atlanta A601-602
  • Myrddin97 has a friend who has cancer,
  • jccalhoun likes the podcast "Each episode they review weird, oddball, or racist books."
  • gambolingman has a tv show called Night Access!

Movie Draft Minute

Stop bringing this up, the draft is over! See all the details at

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Brian will be appearing on Simpson's live show Sept 15th 2018. Also don't forget upcoming appearances at DragonCon, TwitchCon, ScoopFest and hey probably other things I forgot already.

Those Quotes

  • "Brian, would you fuck Johnny Dickshot?" - Justin, after asserting Johnny Dickshot was not ugly as his nickname implied.
  • "I'm just waiting for Jamslunt Jomperjoink" - Brian, after hearing the name Cannonball Titcomb.
  • "Comb those hairy ass tits?" - Brian, looking at a picture of said Cannonball Titcomb.

Fun Facts


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