The Real Warehouse Was The Friends We Made Along The Way

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The Real Warehouse Was The Friends We Made Along The Way
Number 217
Broadcast Date April 19, 2018
Episode Length 01:45:39
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Brian's had a *rough* week and we discover all the hot, new, and totally real indie bands in Coachella or Fauxchella? Oh no, he's EDMDJ-positive!


So did anything happen this past week?

Brian was frantic. They almost bought a warehouse. It used to be a nudist colony. The RV park had the Satanic Panic. It could have been Modern Rogue World Headquarters. Did you know paypal give loans? But the warehouse got sold to someone else.

Harry Anderson died. Where do you think Brian does his healing? Why, Hearthstone of course. “I did go from rank 25 to rank 16 on the standard ladder” Also he got his oil changed in the jeep and had it detailed. Hey they didn’t clean behind the sun shade.

Brian has big vision for The Modern Rogue, Diamond Club, etc. Diamond club tent city!


It's true. Night Attack is doing a live show in Los Angeles! June 10th 2018! Get tickets now! (here) Also the night before they're doing a show in San Diego! Oh no!

Patreon Name Something

Hey everybody, fuck Tricky Wicket and his corkscrew dick. Actually it's Rene Croutoff! “Tricky wicket just ain’t cricket" Join Patreon Today and you can have them say things like this about you, too. Also you can subscribe on Currently bits are cheap, give us your money.


What's this? Mitzula sent in a game of Neural Network generated band names from previous Coachellas? Brian and Justin have to guess which are real and which are fake? Well here we go.

  • Horse Choir: Brian: fake, Justin: fake and it’s FAKE, but there is a horsechoir instagram!
  • Say Kids: Brian: real, Justin: fake and it’s FAKE
  • Cumpo: Brian: real, Justin: real and it’s FAKE
  • Car Seat Headrest: Brian: fake, Justin: fake and it’s REAL
  • Stormzy: Brian: fake, Justin: real and it’s REAL, but not Kristi Kates
  • Paper Cop: Brian: fake, Justin: real and it’s FAKE
  • Zipper Club: Brian: fake, Justin:real and it’s REAL
  • Matt Patricia: Brian: real, Justin: fake and it’s FAKE (Matt Patricia is the current head coach for the Dee-troit Lions)
  • Chicano Batman: Brian: real, Justin: fake and it’s REAL

Last round, for all the points:

  • Gravy House: Brian: real, Justin: fake and it’s FAKE!

Justin wins! Send your potential games to! Don't send them anywhere else or you will be punished! Maybe you will get free stickers if they use it!

Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

Night Attack is first! ($211m) Cordkillers is second! ($102m). Nobody cares! See the full detail at!

"FUN" facts

  • Someone set up a horse choir instagram during the show.
  • We saw not one but two of Bonnie's Clazy Pigs. One straight from "Stranger Things"

Quoted Quotes

  • “Lifes a bits and then you diiii-ve into giving them to night attack"
  • “This is either fake or Oregatone” - Justin, regarding "Cumpo"
  • “Wait, they’re not even fuckin’ hispanic?” - Justin, regarding "Chicano Batman"
  • “Did I talk about it on night attack or one of the other shows?” - Brian, regarding the time span of released Marvel movies
  • “It’s good to have dreams, as long as they stop at 7 acres” - Brian


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!

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The Real Warehouse Was The Friends We Made Along The Way
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