The Slings and Razers of CES

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The Slings and Razers of CES
Number 2404
Broadcast Date JANUARY 9, 2015
Episode Length 44:22
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Darren Kitchen, Len Peralta

Darren Kitchen joins us to look over the Best of CES and ponder the call to arms from Doc Searls and David Weinberger’s new clues. Can we save the Internet? Yes. Because Len Peralta is here to illustrate the show. And that’s not nothing.



The Guardian reports that Facebook, Google and Apple all have responded to the attacks and murders at French Satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted that he is committed to making Facebook “a service where you can speak freely without fear of violence.” Google added a black ribbon tot its homepage and pledged €250,000 via the Digital Press Fund to support the magazine. Apple has updated its French website to include a banner with the words “Je Suis Charlie” a common phrase of support and solidarity.
Microsoft’s Spartan browser is spawning so many leaks you’d think it was an Apple product. BGR reports it will integrate Cortana. CNET And The Verge are hearing the same. The Verge’s sources say the browser will allow to write and share notes on web page as well as group tabs. Neowin posted mockups of screenshots and then Cnbeta posted actual screenshots. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley says Microsoft will not replace IE with Spartan. Microsoft is expected to officially discuss Spartan at its January 21 Windows 10 preview event.
TechCrunch reports on Pew Research Center’s report that Facebook is still the most popular social network in the US but its growth has slowed. One segment that is growing is the 65+ crowd. For the first time more than half of Net users in that age group use Facebook. 56% to be exact. Also US folks are using multiple social networks in greater numbers. 52% of the population use two or more, up from 42% in 2013. LinkedIn and Pinterest are tied for second mot popular followed by Instagram and Twitter. Regular use is steady among all but Twitter which saw daily visitors decline from 46% of users in 2013 to 36% in 2014.
Reuters reports filed expected share prices in advance of its IPO at $11-$13 per share which values the company at $1.55 billion. Box expects to raise up to $162.5 million from the offering of 12.5 million class A common shares. They don’t however expect to be profitable anytime soon.
According to Re/code’s sources, Twitter is planning to launch a new feature in the next few weeks which will allow users tpost video directly to Twitter rather than use Vine or another third party host. Users can shoot edit and post from within the Twitter app, or upload video from their device. The new feature may have a time limit of 20 seconds.
The Next Web reports that Bitcoin exchange Bitmap is reopening today after being attacked earlier this week. The attack resulted in the loss of 19,000 bit coins worth around $5 million. Bitstamp said its customers would not lose money as a result of the security breach, and that the loss represented only a small amount of its reserve, with the majority held in ‘cold storage’ offline.
Reuters reports that China’s transport ministry has banned taxi-hailing apps from working with cars and drivers that don’t have taxi licenses. This applies to local services such as Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache as well as Uber, which is partnered with Baidu in the country. The nationwide ban comes after authorities in the Chinese city of Chongqing began investigating Uber in December over concerns that its drivers were not properly licensed.

News From You

Slashgear reports about Minecraft user Koala_Steamed who built a functional RedStone Word Processor inside Minecraft. It has a 5 x 10 character display and the ability to open saved files. It includes 400 bits ROM x4/1600 bits of memory and can type symbols, numbers, and upper/lower case letters. The whole thing is full of blocky amazingness which you can see in Koala_Steamed’s YouTube video about the project.
Submitted by therobertonline
Engadget reports on Samsung’s SSD that uses almost no power in standby mode. The SM951 SSD uses 10-nanometer-class MLC flash tech and can read data at 2.15 GB/s and write at 1.55 GB/s . It also consumes a paltry 2 milliwatts in standby mode. Manufacturers will be able to order 128, 256 ad 512 GB versions.
Submitted by MacBytes


Pick of the Day

For anyone in the Apple ecosystem with tight data plans, I just got My Data Manager from Mobidia Technology. This is a solid app to track your data usage for your iphone/ipad/iPod Touch in real time. It tracks both your wifi and cellular data, and you are able to set your billing cycle and data cap as well. You can see a graph of your usage to see where you use the most data and get notifications when you’re getting close to your limit. Best of all it’s 100% free!
Submitted by Jamie in Beautiful BC



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