The Working Man's Private Jet

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The Working Man's Private Jet
Number 268
Broadcast Date April 11, 2019
Episode Length 01:27:46
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Mayne

Brian, Justin, and Andrew Mayne are in Las Vegas to eulogize Johnny Thompson, a legendary magician. Plus, "Real or Fake: Fish Edition" and your emails to!


Remembering Johnny Thompson

Brian, Justin and Andrew Mayne are live from a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they re in Vegas for a celebration of the life of Johnny Thompson, magician, who recently passed away. Everyone was dressed very classy. There were lots of great stories about how nice a guy Johnny Thompson was.

They watched short youtube video Teller made with Johnny Thompson and his wife

Private Jet City Woman

To get to Vegas, Justin and Andrew flew on a service that sells seats on private jets that are flying back empty. Turns out, no TSA, show up 30 minutes (or 10 minutes) before the flight leaves, no hassles. Brian, on the other hand, did not and there was much ribbing.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour

You can support Night Attack at, and if you do you get the preshow and the postshow in your own RSS feed that's not available anywhere else. Also you might get your name selected for the Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour like this week's lucky patron PROBABLY SOUP.

You can also subscribe to Night Attack on twitch at, and during the sub and bit minute you can get your name shouted out as part of a wonderful story.

This week's the THE BIT BOSS was BADWEAVE.

Fish Diss Quiz

It's a quiz from Cole W. It's easy: is this name of a fish real or fake? Get ready to diss those fish.

  • Spoonfish. They say real, it is FAKE.
  • The Yellowfin Cyclops. They say real, it is FAKE.
  • Slime Head. They say real, it is REAL
  • Crocodile Shark. They say NOT REAL. It is REAL.
  • Bat Ray. They say not real, and it is REAL.
  • Jack Dempsey. They say real and it is REAL.
  • Bigmouth Buffalo. They say not real but it is REAL.

Final round for all the points!

  • Wobbegong. They says real and oh my this fish is REAL.

They probably won! If you have a game to play, send it to mail at night attack dot tv and potentially you will be awarded stickers from

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

You know who is in the lead? Johntrekker! See all the details at


What about creating a character for magic performance? (more important than the tech work, figure out what you hate). More magic advice. Night Attack is still the #1 magic podcast. What about a Brian-centric sitcom? (That was a pretty tight pitch).

Send your mail to mail at Night Attack dot TV.


  • "Did you know one third of the cast did not fly to Vegas on a private jet?" - Brian at the patreon plug

Fun Facts

  • Also present in the room during the show was Mitzula
  • Brian got mistaken for Chris Kenner.
  • Andrew Mayne's book "The Naturalist" is nominated for a Thriller Award.
  • Do not drink liquid nitrogen, it is not safe.


Preshow & Aftershow

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