This Display goes up to 11…K

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This Display goes up to 11…K
Number 2534
Broadcast Date JULY 10, 2015
Episode Length 44:35
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Darren Kitchen, Len Peralta

Darren Kitchen and Tom Merritt discuss the week’s portentious hacks and outages including The US OPM, New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines. IS this cybergeddon? Plus Len Peralta illustrates the show.



A person familiar with the matter told Reuters that Samsung will launch its new version of the Galaxy Note in mid-August. Samsung previously ahs released new Note models in September. The August launch would put the phone on the market ahead of new iPhones. Samsung's annual profit hit a three-year low in 2014.
TechCrunch reports Microsoft’s Power Bi cloud business intelligence service will become generally available July 24. PowerBi tries to make it easy for anyone in a company to visualize data and generate reports using a browser. The service can pull data together from many service including GitHub, Google Analytics, Twilio, Salesforce, QuickBooks and more. Microsoft has also decided to open source the library that powers the service’s visualizations. A free tier is limited to a GB per user and 10,000 rows of data per hour. The paid service is $9.99 per user per month with 10 GB and a million rows per hour.
The BBC reports the US Director of the Office of Personnel Management , Katherine Archuleta has resigned in the aftermath of a data breach. More than 20 million records were accessed by attackers.
Engadget reports BlackBerry and Google announced BES12 supports Android 5.0 Lollipop and Google Play for Work. That means BlackBerry security features are integrated into Android now in the enterprise.
Engadget passes along the Korean Electronic Times report that Samsung is leading a team of 13 companies to develop an 11K mobile display by 2018. That would be a 2250 ppi display. Samsung says that amount of pixels could allow 3D effects without glasses. The South Korean government is even pitching in $26.5 million over 5 years to help.
Reuters reports ZTE and SoftBank will deploy a pre-5G commercial trial in Japan early next year. It’s a stepping stone to 5G that ZTE describes as using core 5G technologies on existing 4G networks to deliver higher speeds.
ZDNet has Gartner's latest report showing PC sales had their worst decline in two years during Q2. 68.4 million PCs shipped worldwide down 9.5% year over year. In the US PC shipments declined 5.8%. Gartner cited: the dollar's high value, vendors clearing inventory ahead of Windows 10 launch, and a lack of reasons to refresh or upgrade. Analysts believe the market should see growth again next year.
Engadget reports Bangalore India’s police chief, M. N. Reddit wants citizens to use Periscope to capture footage of crimes in action to help police. Eventually the organization would like to use a police control room monitoring Periscope to find the location of crimes and alert the appropriate jurisdictional police. Police plan on broadcasting press conferences as well.

News From You

R&D Mag has a writeup on a new material that may be as promising as graphene: black arsenic phosphorous. Chemists at the Technical University Munich have developed a semiconducting material which replaces individual phosphorous atoms with arsenic. Colleagues in the US atUSC and Yale built the first field-effect transistors from the material. The material can detect long wavelength radiation like LiDAR and can be peeled off in ultrathin layers. So it would be possible to a put a black ARSENIC phosphorous semiconductor in old lace. (That ones for all you Joseph Kesselring/semiconductor fans)
Submitted by the_corley
ZDNet reports that Google is using its artificial neural network to detect and block spam. Using machine learning the system tracks usage patterns and detects email impersonation where an email purports to come from one sender when it actually comes from another. Google also announced new Gmail Postmaster tools to help qualified high-volume senders to analyze their email data including delivery errors, spam reports and reputation.
Submitted by motang
TorrentFreak reports that Pirate Bay co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström have been acquitted of criminal copyright and abuse of electronic communication charges by a court in Belgium. All four deny any involvement with the Pirate Bay after its sale to a Seychelles-based company in 2006. The case alleged involvement between September 2011 and November 2013. The judge ruled that the involvement of the four co-founders could not be proven.
Submitted by spsheridan


Pick of the Day

Listening to show #2533 w/JRY the topic was how "curated play lists are back" prompting this message to promote my favorite online radio station

The station is a real FM station (103.8) in Istanbul, Constantinople, Istanbul playing electronic music ranging from quality electronic music to avant garde to mainstream syndicated programs. In the wee hours, local Istanbul time, the legacy station gets weird and you will hear Ornette Coleman via crazy jazz programs or possibly space music.

Did I mention that they now run several online channels for different electronic music verticals?

I have been listening to since their inception and always return after my current music service runs stale, as is the case with Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark, and my own music collection.

The ads, should you catch any, are all in Turkish and are not distracting to me at all, unlike American FM radio ear cancer advertisements. Could be a language thing...

They have phone apps too!

So if you are a fan of electronic music, especially European curation of indie and mainstream sounds, this is a go-to station.

Thanks for the show - keep up the work. My credit card info is up to date.
Submitted by marc



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This Display goes up to 11…K
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