This Episode is Y2K Compliant

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This Episode is Y2K Compliant
Number 253
Broadcast Date December 25, 2018
Episode Length 01:14:25
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

We banked this Christmas Day episode! An exclusive interview with the Y2K bug and we crack open the huge Charlie Brown/QAnon conspiracy. Plus, details, ideas, and a date for our upcoming Night Attack album!


Let's party like it's 1999

Hey it's christmas, merry christmas. Also hey do you remember Y2K? When lots of people thought the world was going to end and lots of people spent money in a vague definition of being "Y2K Compliant?" Brian worked at Dell Inc. in those days and saw the mad spending first hand. Also he has a picture of himself holding a shotgun with the Y2K rollover happening on the tv.

This episode is Y-Q-K Compliant as well

When Justin got disconnected by his router resetting, Y2K itself called to fill in and discussed the history around Y2K. During the interview Y2K in a stunning turnabout of gratuitous hand-waving revealed that he was Q-anon. Q implicated Fred Durst in the whole conspiracy.

Bryce pulled up an actual Q timeline chart and they attempted to make sense of the wild BS visualized.

The New Album Nobody Knew About

Get with the Patreon, The rumors are true, Brian and Justin have recorded a new comedy album and it's coming out... January 22nd 2019. If you're a patron you will most likely get sent material from the album before it's release included with your patreon pledge.

Also you can bit-sub it up with at This episode was a bank episode so there was no ```name chant corner hour`` or ```twitch story minute``` but that means you'll have a chance next episode to be the BIT BOSS.

Four times, Night Attack has released comedy albums, and four times they have hit the top ten comedy album Billboard chart, and twice they've hit number one. They might have hit number one with ```To Old to Talk``` but apparently Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb had a new album out that same day and night attack placed 3rd or 4th on release.

(Technically it was 5th on the week of January 03 2015 behind two Starbomb albums, Weird Al's "Mandatory Fun" and a Jim Gaffigan album. )

The album does not have a revealed title or track list yet, and other than things like "combing my butthair", "jacking off into a fire", and "fucking your nose" it's not nearly as dirty as the previous albums. The album will be a "single" album, as opposed to a double-album like the previous Night Attack albums have been, so they can price it as cheap as they possibly can. Do you know someone in the ```record industry``` that knows how properly time a release? Contact Brian and Justin mail at night attack dot tv.

With the album release, Brian and Justin want to do the podcast-guest-plug junket and promote the new album. Know a place they could appear to talk about it? Again, mail at night attack dot tv.

As a teaser, they played part of a track from the new album.

Cereal Wars Dot Com

They watched a video of a periscope of noted nutjob and total trash human being Alex Jones yelling on a street corner in Austin and then chasing a pedestrian.

Justin brought up an appearance by scumbags The Proud Boys on Alex Jones' show where Alex was initiated into the Proud Boys by being continually punched while having to name five breakfast cereals.

The guys bet on which manufacturer (General Mills, Post, etc) would have most of it's products represented in the punching and Alex ruined the bet by not actually going through and only name four of the five required cereals.

Justin then related the story that the guy who founded the Proud Boys founded the group in order to piss off one of Justin's friends.

Fun Facts

  • Althought there was a lot of consumer hype, the y2k problem appeared to be a "non problem" because lots of companies worked hard behind the scenes to fix the stuff that had y2k problems.
  • During a discussion of Peanuts characters, Justin remarked the Peanuts relationship chart bore a striking similarity to a Q chart.


  • "You see that one long black hand, that's all the times Fred Durst texted me" - YQK.
  • "Do you have anything to plug?" - Brian, at the end of the YQK segment.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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This Episode is Y2K Compliant
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