This Sounds Like Cable

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This Sounds Like Cable
Number 147
Broadcast Date November 28, 2016
Episode Length 57:55
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Scott Johnson

DirecTV Now coming now with no DVR but lots of channels, Sling TV adds a cloud DVR, and some Mythbusters come to Netflix. With special guest Scott Johnson.


Intro Video

Primary Target

DirecTV Now launches November 30 in US
iOS, Android, FireTV, Chromecast, Browser. Roku coming in 2017
One year included in LeEco TVs
All major content outlets except CBS
Two streams simultaneous
Cloud DVR and pause coming in 2017
Broadcast networks only live in some markets
NFL not available on mobile
HBO and Cinemax $5 each
Zero-rated on AT&T wireless
$35 - 60+ channels
$50 - 80+ channels
$60 - 100+ Channels ($35 for a limited time)
$70 - 120+ Channels
Also DirecTV Mobile is now called Fullscreen and is $5.99 a month or free for a year to ATT Wireless customers. Has a lot of stuff from Vine stars
DirecTVPreview is now called FreeVIEW and will be available for free int eh DirecTV Now app. (Content from Otter and DirecTV's Audience channel)

How to Watch

Sling TV announced a beta of a cloud DVR feature for it’s online TV service. Unlike the PlayStation Vue service the DVR will not have a 28 day limit per show. Shows can be stored as along as a user wants with a limit of 100 hours of storage. Though not all channels may be available to record. Participation is invite only but users can sign up to be invited at
Sling TV is joiningNetflix on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 settop box.
In case this is too weird for you to believe you heard write. Yes, people who already subscribe to Comcast cable can now access Sling TV’s similar service using the Comcast X1 cable box
Sling positioned it as a way to get “multicultural” programming.
Dish merged its International OTT service with Sling TV awhile back so there are loads of International and non-English language channels available.
But it said ALL Sling TV packages will be available.

What to Watch

What We're Watching

Front Lines

Amazon says The Grand Tour had more streams in its premiere than its previous best show, The Man in the High Castle. Additionally on Grand Tour premier day, new Prime membership sign-ups exceeded all previous days, with the exception of their promotional Prime Day.
Earlier this year Google started using Google Cast to refer to the technology that lets you send video from one device to another. So your phone used Google Cast to send video to your Chromecast or your TV which had Google Cast built in. Well that lasted eight months. Hot on the heels of changing the Cast app to be called Home, Google is now using Chromecast to refer to both the technology and the device. So your TV has Chromecast built-in now. HOWEVER the developer API is still called Google Cast. Got it?
Pasadena, California is among 40 California cities trying to impose a tax on streaming services like Netflix. The cities are losing money they used to collect from taxes on cable TV service and telephones. Federal law does not allow Internet service to be taxed as a utility. Chicago is being sued over its 9% tax on video streaming.
Legendary has acquired the rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune. Alejandro Jodorowsky spent years developing a film starring Salvador Dali and Orsaon Welles with art by HR Giger that was never. Of Course David Lynch famously finished a movie that he then removed his name from. And a TV mini series was created in 2000 directed by John Harrison and starring William Hurt. So each time we get a little closer to something really good?

Dispatches From The Front

I wanted to give you a suggestion on an app that I use and it's called TVshow time. I'm not sure if it's available on iOS but it has an extremely good rating of 4.7 on Android with over a million downloads I believe. Here is a link to it in the play store.

- Tim

Hey guys, love the show and I am a proud patreon supporter. But wanted to throw this out and maybe something other people from the audience may have an answer for. For this Thanksgiving weekend I was planning on watching some movies with my dad and figured that I would do it legally :) The problem came that I wanted these in spanish. Well it turns out that that I could not find either Amazon or the Google play Store to have titles like suicide squad, Deadpool in anything other than English.

Any help in this would be appreciated.

P. S. I am a bit of an apple hater and don't have any apple device so iTunes was not even something that I looked at.

- Martin

I just noticed that HBO Now ($15) was cheaper than HBO ($19) added on to my mother's Dish account, so I went to cancel HBO through Dish with the intent of subscribing to HBO Now...when I went to the Dish website and tried to drop HBO, I was immediately presented with a dialog box asking if I'd like to keep HBO for $7.50 per month for 6 months.

Now the chicken challenge just takes a few clicks and doesn't require human interaction...should be a no-brainer for anyone paying full price for HBO on Dish.

- Aaron



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