This Week in Tech

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This Week in Tech
Created by Leo Laporte
Hosted by Leo Laporte & friends
No. of episodes 500+
Runtime 2 hours
Producer(s) Jason Cleanthes
Camera Switcher(s) Jason Cleanthes
Distributor TWiT
Original Run April 17, 2005 - Present

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This week in tech is the TWiT network's flagship show, featuring top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech, which records live on Sundays. It regularly features Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, less regularly Brian Brushwood, and Justin Robert Young. It stars Leo Laporte and a panel of his choosing.

Brian is known to frequent the TWiT Brickhouse while he is in town to shoot episodes of Scam School (usually every couple of months). Rarely, he will skype in from his home. Either way, these episodes tend to be much sillier than usual.

  • #189 "The Twitter Episode"
  • #192 "Kipple and Bits"
  • #208 "Hide The Boots"
  • #216 "It's Pimpin' Time"
  • #225 "Schmidt Happens"
  • #239 "Meat Up" (also includes Justin)
  • #243 "Eat a Hot Bowl of Nintendo Wiis
  • #248 "Drowning in Connectivity"
  • #252 "The Legend of Vuvuzela"
  • #259 "Next Stop, Gilbert Arizona"
  • #274 "I'll Take the Frisking"
  • #283 "Live From CES"
  • #284 "¿Dónde está Leo's Grave?"
  • #292 "Live From SXSW 2011"
  • #295 "Magical Hand Gesture"
  • #307 "I'm With Stupid" (Justin's first official guest appearance)
  • #308 "Upside Down It Says Boobies"
  • #318 "Screw You Darling"
  • #327 "I Shot the Shwood but I Did Not Shoot The JCD"
  • #339 "Somewhere Between Murder And A Messy Room"
  • #344 "Don't Eat the Goatee"
  • #347 "Dude, Tap It In The Bathroom"
  • #350 "The Jar Jar Of Tech"

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