Tip Your Uber Driver

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Tip Your Uber Driver
Number 2472
Broadcast Date APRIL 22, 2016
Episode Length 39:11
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Shannon Morse

Can you be an independent contractor without being exploited? Shannon Morse and Tom Merritt discuss the pros and cons in light of the Uber settlement. Plus why you should now carry cash for Uber rides but Lyft.



Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies are no longer accessible in China. Sources told the NY Times that China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television told Apple to halt service. An Apple spokeswoman in Beijing said "We hope to make books and movies available again to our customers in China as soon as possible.”
Submitted by FranzGames and flyingspatula
Microsoft told ReCode’s Ina Fried it has agreed to, “withdraw its regulatory complaints against Google.” Google gave a similar statement saying it will also withdraw its regulatory complaints against Microsoft. Microsoft has left FairSearch and ICOMP which are groups supporting antitrust action in Europe against Google. Microsoft dropped its patent litigation against Google last September. Fried notes that Google’s Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella have a different relationship that Eric Schmidt and Steve Ballmer did.
Submitted by motang
Uber settled class action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts claiming the company misclassified drivers as independent contractors. Under the terms of the settlement; Uber will pay drivers $84 million now and an additional $16 million if the company goes public. Uber will also provide drivers more info about their rating and publish a policy for the first time on how drivers can be deactivated only for sufficient cause rather than at will, and an appeals process will be instated including hearings by other drivers and potential arbitration. Uber will also facilitate and recognize a Driver association. Drivers can now put signs in cars stating 'tips are not included, they are not required, but they would be appreciated.”
Submitted by pcguy8088_
Windows released a new preview of the Anniversary edition of Windows 10 that now includes Windows Ink workspace. You can create sticky notes, use a sketchpad or sketch on anything on the screen, customize your pen buttons and more. Cortana integration shown at BUILD is not yet included, though Cortana does now work on the locks screen. Your app list now shows right when you open the Start menu and you don’t need to use the hamburger menu to see folders in tablet mode. You can also toggle to a full screen app list view. And you can set the taskbar to autohide in tablet mode. There’s a lot more in this preview update and Napier Lopez at The Next Web has a good summary of it all.
Videogamer.com noted this morning that Amazon customers found that the PS4 versions of GTA 5, Rainbow Six Seige, and Assassin’s Creed along with along with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 16, Far Cry Primal, Battlefield Hardline were only available for purchase directly from Amazon if you were an Amazon Prime member. The games were sometimes available from third-party sellers. Amazon told videogamer.com that it does offer exclusives to Amazon prime members. Then Amazon lifted the exclusives.
Submitted by tglass1976
Snapchat has ended the practice of being able to pay 99 cents for more than one replay of a message. However Snapchat has added the ability to faceswap with photos from your camera roll. The new lens will search your camera roll, with your permission, for faces that will work.
Facebook announced that more than 1 million people used Tor to access Facebook this month. Facebook launched a .onion version of the site in October 2014. Facebook also began supporting the Android Orbot proxy this year.
Submitted by spsheridan
BizTechAfrica reports Kenya’s High Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi ruled a provision in the Kenya Information and Communications Act (Kica) about ‘misuse of a licensed telecommunications device’ is unconstitutional. Bloggers and social media users claim the law was used by the government to stop critics. 15 people were prosecuted under the act between January and March this year. Justice Ngugi wrote that the provision was too broad and libel law already performed the function of protecting reputations.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s Adam Turner points out that Opera’s new built-in VPN is vulnerable to a WebRTC VPN flaw that leaks your real IP address. Turner notes the Opera WebRTC Leak Prevent plugin can solve the problem but only by changing the default settings to stop WebRTC from using non-proxied UDP. The built-in VPN is available in the developer build so the issue may be fixed before full release.


Pick of the Day

I recommend Arq Backup
They just did a v5 update. – it is now on OS X and Windows, works like time machine, does PIE (Pre Internet Encryption), and with v5 it is multi threaded / SIGNIFICANTLY faster (underline, bold, italics). It backs up to local or a cloud provider of your choice (Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Nearline, Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3)– I chose Amazon Cloud drive, cheap and "unlimited”. Also with this update they changed the license model from per machine to per user – so you can push I to all your machines. I had this originally on just my home file server (Mac Mini) but with the license change installed on my Macbook Pro. I was able to push up to Amazon Cloud Drive my backup of 400 GB overnight which on my server months ago took almost a month. Just wanted to pass this along as a great backup utility and well worth the update.
Submitted by Harrison


The little I read makes it sound like BA flight 727 struck "what appeared to be" a UAV at 1700ft, which means the aircraft was probably just inside or just outside the final approach fix and probably traveling at 130- 180knots depending on the aircraft's weight and ATC clearance. It was reported that no damage was found and the mechanic signed off the aircraft. That leads me to believe that if anything impacted the airplane it was very light, but more likely, nothing hit the airplane. All we need is the Maintenance log from the aircraft describing the open writeup "possible UAV strike at 1,700ft, at _____knots, to nose area" and the corrective action box on the other half of the page by station maintenance saying "impact area found or not found, aircraft inspected In Accordance With (IAW) Airbus log blah blah blah and area of damage inside safe perimeters or no damage noted" Follow up with an exhaustive search under the area of impact by some law enforcement group, and have the CAA's incident investigation board follow up with a summary of findings. My God though, by the time we have factual answers people might already have moved on and forgotten about this incident. The horror.

I've struck a few birds in a few types of airplanes, and they always leave marks…
Sent by Joe the Pilot

I know the story was about Prince, and his relation to the internet and I shouldn't be one of the stupid trolls, but you did mention several artists who recently passed.
In other words "you didn't mention the thing I care about" yeah I know it's vein, but dammit, I have to say it.

Why the run-on sentence? Merle... Yaa left out Merle. Like many traditional country artists, Merle turned to the internet where it's really become a haven for music that doesn't get terrestrial radio play. Guys like Stoney Larue and Ray Scott are selling more records and tickets now than they did when they had big recording contracts in the late 2000" S, and Merle Haggard was embracing that culture, not unlike Johnny Cash towards the end.

Again, I know that was not the story, and most of your audience doesn't share my musical affinities, but a country boy can't let it go.

... End of rant
Sent by TxJeb

On getting rid of ports and specifically using wireless headphones, Mike writes: "But, even if you have a good set of devices that can play back videos perfectly well, there's one area where Bluetooth audio fails: gaming. Where a good device can "read ahead" on the audio stream when playing video and transmit the data early so you hear it in sync with the video, this is impossible to do with games since many sounds are directly linked to actions you make, so there's generally always going to be a half second delay (or more) with those sounds while gaming (e.g. you begin to hear Mario's "jump" sound when he's at the apex of the jump, about to come down). This makes game play very disorienting and difficult."
Sent by Mike

I have desktop & windshield display mounts for my Note5 with wireless charging built-in and I love it. And Samsung does have fast wireless charging now.
Sent by Toydriver

And ScorebookSW rightly reminds us some airlines don’t allow bluetooth devices on flights, though the FAA has cleared it for use during all phases of the flight.
Sent by ScorebookSW



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