Tonight Show Commentary

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Tonight Show Commentary
Number 16
Broadcast Date March 26, 2009
Episode Length 10:00
Hosts Brian Brushwood
Guests Eileen Rivera

Really bad video of Brian's Tonight Show appearance w/ commentary.


Brian, still in Los Angeles after appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno watches an east coast stream of the show with Scam School producer Eileen Rivera. He provides commentary to viewers.

New Champions! Woo!

  • First and only BBLiveShow episode to feature a live rebroadcast of a television program.

Great Quotes

  • "And if all goes well..." -Brian
  • "You FOOL!" -Ed Asner
  • "Talk about being the meat in a Geritol sandwich!" -Brian
  • "Come on, Shwood! I just want her to play my taint like an accordion!" -Daniel Garcia
  • "We just got a call from 217-801-3674. I think he was upset 'cause he didn't get on the show or something." -Brian

Ustream Recording


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Tonight Show Commentary
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