Toobin' with the Devil

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Toobin' with the Devil
Number 86
Broadcast Date July 26, 2011
Episode Length 1:06:05
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Iyaz Akhtar, MC Frontalot

Brian goes toobin' with his brother, they try to anger Iyaz Akhtar, then MC Frontalot comes and blows our minds.


Opening Video

The Mexican Hat Dance with hand farts.

NSFW Skittles Reaction

Justin had the idea to play this NSFW Skittles commercial for the opening video, but because of its inappropriate content they decided to have Iyaz watch it and everyone else can watch his reaction.

It was underwhelming.

Toobin' With the Brushwoods

Brian is at a family reunion in Tennessee and tells the story of how he went toobin' with his brother while the internet was being fixed at the house they were staying at. Just as Brian got home, Bonnie was going to show the Comcast guy the show that they were going to do that night. She went to and turned the laptop to the man, not surprisingly, the screen was filled with boobs and such. She was understandably embarrassed.

This is a good learning experience for all of us. Remember! The correct URL is


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW7" for a 14-day free trial.

What Angers Iyaz More?

If you didn't see the video version, Iyaz looks like the devil in this episode. Even when he doesn't resemble Satan, he is usually the most volatile member of the TNT crew. So Brian and Justin will choose some issues to see what angers Iyaz the most.

1) Confusing him with Iyaz the singer (Justin) vs. Telling him that Tom Merritt already gave him the answer to his question (Brian)

  • They both failed, it's commonly believed that Iyaz won this round.

2) Skype audio breaking up (Justin) vs. The TSA (Brian)

  • Failed again, Justin is pissed.

Iyaz won... somehow


Remember that awesome toobin' scene in Caligula? How about Schindler's List? Me neither, but you can stream it free from Netflix!

Go to for a 1 month free trial.

Summer Music Series

MC Frontalot, the pioneer of Nerdcore rap, is here to perform his songs "First World Problems" and "Yellow Lasers".

You can get his albums at

New Champion! Woo!

  • Iyaz...somehow.

Great Quotes

"Let's just go toooobin'!" -Justin
"Why am I....frozen? Apparently I'm toobin' myself!" -Justin
"I'm here. I'm having the time of my life." -Justin

Fun Facts

  • The first NSFW episode transmitted from the TWiT Brickhouse
  • The show started an hour and fifteen minutes late due to the TWiT staff working out kinks in the new studio. (Shows had been running late all day).
  • Brian was on vacation at a family reunion in the Great "Old John" Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.
  • Justin had to hear his stupid voice on a second delay.


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