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Not to be confused with the trainwreck of a show called NSFW.

Trainwreck is an American rock band formed by Kyle Gass. Trainwreck appeared on the NSFW episode, This Rad Bromance is a Trainwreck. However, John Spiker did not appear live.

Throughout the majority of the film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Kyle Gass wears a Trainwreck T-shirt. JR Reed plays Lee in the Tenacious D TV series and The Pick of Destiny.


  • Darryl Lee Donald (JR Reed)
  • Klip Calhoun (Kyle Gass)
  • John Bartholomew Shredman (John Konesky)
  • Boy Johnny (John Spiker)
  • Dallas St. Bernard (Nate Rothacker)


Brodeo music video:

Brodeo on NSFW: