Tub Treats

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Tub Treats
Number 133
Broadcast Date June 27, 2012
Episode Length 1:11:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

This week, Brian and Justin discuss the cannibalistic effects of bath salts and the continuation of their quest to write a best selling erotic fiction book.


Opening Video

ALF Episode 2: Mister Meatloaf

Bath Salts Are A-Ok

Remember a few weeks ago when that story came out about the guy that got high on bath salts and ate a dudes face? Well just before the show started, the news came out that the cannibal was only high on marijuana, and bath salts were not found in his system.

Friend of the show, Ira Sockman has been hired by "Big Bath Salts" to defend their good name. Luckily, Ira happened to be in Petaluma during the recording of NSFW and agreed to come on and help shed some light on the situation.

Also, from this point on, Ira requests that you no longer refer to them as "bath salts" and instead call them "tub treats".

The Diamond Club Book

Ok, here on NSFW we all suffer from a bit of ADD. We get some great ideas and then forget about them a week later and nothing really happens. That's NOT what will happen with The Diamond Club Book. Since the plan was set up during the previous episode many members of Chatrealm have been writing their own chapters.

Brian and Justin have also vowed to write a chapter or two each, however, they will be submitted anonymously. There may even be some actual authors that will write their own chapters, but you will never know who wrote it or even what they wrote.

You can head over to Bit.ly/TheDiamondClubBook and write your own chapter. MAKE SURE TO READ THE GUIDELINES.

It Was Good While It Lasted

So a bunch of TWiT shows are getting cancelled this week, and it just so happens that this episode of NSFW doesn't have any sponsors... It's probably just a coincidence right? Every thing will be ok right? This can't be the end! Brian and Justin made a ton of jokes about the show being cancelled, but THE SHOW IS NOT CANCELLED.

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