Understanding Cigars

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Understanding Cigars
Number 98
Broadcast Date December 29, 2017
Episode Length 31:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


We see Jason standing eager, faced towards a wall. Bundles of newspaper structure the room, stalagmites of old media. Looking closer we notice he's face-to-face with a poster which appears to be crudely taped to a full-body mirror. There's an uncomfortable silence.

CUT TO: over-the-shoulder, the poster is J. Jonah Jameson and the eyes are torn out. Jason's eyes are perfectly positioned in the reflection.

He grabs at the poster and sheers a wedge down the face, revealing a now-lit cigar in Jason's mouth. It's an identical match.

JASON (triumphant, but also kind of a whisper)
Not today, Peter... No, today I become something so much more.


Much love to Roma Craft Tobac for sharing their expertise and generous use of their facilities. Check them out online or keep an eye out for one of their cigars next time you stock up.

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Understanding Cigars
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