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Dane drowning his sorrows which are induced by the show.
"Danger Dane" fighting RaidenB.

Dane Golden was the producer of all TWiT shows and one of King Leo's first minions. Dane left TWiT in the summer of 2010 and went on to start his own company VidiUp, formerly Hey.com.

"Danger Dane"

As a prank on the chat room, Dane acted angry at Brian and Justin for their antics on NSFW during the episode "Weird Things Dot Kamph". Although many were fooled, the incident was later revealed to be a pre-planned, good natured joke between Dane, Brian, and Justin. During the preshow to East Meets West #207, Brian revealed that the prank was all Dane's idea. (ODTV capture)

In keeping with the joke, some members of the chat room would sometimes play up Dane as an evil producer with outlandish claims such as eating babies, sabotaging the show, etc. However, Dane is in fact a great guy and was one of the first major figures at TWiT to take an interest in NSFW.

When Justin appeared on episode 25 of Dane's podcast, they explained the origin of NSFW and the "Danger Dane Tapes." Dane said that to yell and curse and act like a jerk was extremely out of character for him.


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