Using Credit Card Skimmers

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Using Credit Card Skimmers
Number 67
Broadcast Date May 26, 2017
Episode Length 14:42
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Brian noticed a real up-tick unusual purchases on his credit card statement. It was just a lot of whiskey, tacos, and... vintage pants?


  • Surveillance footage from Inside Edition

Obligatory: don't do crimes.

Protect yourself from fraud and hidden charges by going to -- and 10 randomly selected people will get their first purchase rebated.

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First Pass Edit

This was the original First Pass Edit to be published, it was used to gauge interest in the format and serve as a sample for the feature.

Many more are available as a reward for $5+ patrons on the Modern Rogue Patreon, all mostly-uncut with all the angles and footage for that episode.

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Using Credit Card Skimmers
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