Voltron of Rich White Guys

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Voltron of Rich White Guys
Number 265
Broadcast Date March 20, 2019
Episode Length 01:33:16
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Zarian

We're joined with Mat Men and What The Tech's Andrew Zarian! Brian and Jury did something impulsive and financially irresponsible during SXSW. Plus, the attack dog that might attack the Night Attack pack. Plus, the debut of a new game: Whichipedia. Beets with Dre!


Success By So Wasted 2019

South By So Wasted 2019 was determined to be a huge success and thanks to everyone who was involved making it that way, probably the biggest thing they've done yet. There was some discussion about releasing audio from the VIP event held at Modern Rogue World Headquaters, and it will likely be a patreon exclusive for both Night Attack and Ice Cream Social.

Yes, they said they made enough money to cover the cost of the theater for the event.

There was a story told about the VIP event which was something about the "Comedy Golem".

The Miles, Jerry

"Impulsive and Financially Irresonsible" was what Bryce replied with, when asked by Justin about their planning style was. Previously on the show they'd said they were going to drive to Dallas to be on Andrew Heaton's podcast. At the last minute (literally) they decide to fly instead rather than spend all that time in the car. Also Justin's TSA Pre didn't work. By the time Justin got on the plane he found Brian asleep on the plane, and took a picture of course. After everything was wrapped up they had three hours to kill, so naturally they went to the airport bar and played Hearthstone for three hours.

The both appeared on an episode of "Something's Off with Andrew Heaton".

This totally works for the audio listeners

During a family outing, Bonnie took a selfie with Brian's daughter Josie, Brian and dog Kepler. In the picture Brian and Kepler have the "herpiest derpiest face" ever seen. Kepler is a twitchy dog and very protective, and being held in that position made him squirm when the other Bruswhood children approached and he couldn't see them. Thus, a second photo was taken where the dog was but a blur of unbridled death. You can see both pictures in the show.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour Hour

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You can also subscribe on twitch at https://twitch.tv/nightattack and during the segment that Brian and Justin don't know what it's called but it's really the twitch story minute you can bit n' sub it up and get yourself weaved into a potentially hilarious story. You might also be the THE BIT BOSS like CTHULHUCOLLECTOR.

Andrew Zarian

Andrew Zarian, of GFQ Podcast Network is on the show. He tells the story how a conversation with Sarah Lane made him realize he wanted to quit his job managing a strip club and do podcasting 100%.

Whichipedia Game

Thanks to Yabbs and Noah Veltman for the inspiration for this game. Bryce shows everyone a cropped table of contents from someone's Wikipedia page, and they have to guess who it is. Everyone plays against the house. It's easy!

The Whichipedia's they did were:

Do you have a game? Send it to mail at night attack dot tv and you almost assuredly might receive stickers from https://StickersOrDIAF.com.

Celebrity Table

After the Whichipedia game, Bonnie pitched her new idea for "Celebrity Table" tv show. Celebrity chefs would make dishes around a concept like "hip hop in the 80's" so it would have beets.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

It just started and Johntrekker is in the lead. See it all at https://draft.diamondclub.tv/. Justin once saw an elephant completely evacuate it's bowels in front of a tour bus. Also Brian hated Captain Marvel.


Is magic real? (What does real even mean? also no, because they'd win the Randi Million Dollar Prize). A discussion of Max Maven. Ways to answer "Hello" on the phone. Why do you never promote Weird Things? (I think we just did, http://weirdthings.com/ https://www.patreon.com/weirdthings )



  • "You have a troubling sliding scale for Kepler's behaviour" - Justin, regarding Brian.
  • "The dialog was a little sweaty" - Justin regarding the Pauly Shore video

Fun Facts

  • Brian was in the twitch audience during the replay of the South By So Wasted 2019 show
  • They watched a poorly planed hoax video of Pauly Shore being beaten up by a heckler and the cops instantly showing up.
  • Did you know Paul McCartney made a techno album? They listened to part of it.
  • You can remember how to pronounce "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" by remembering "I am a dinner jacket"
  • Old Night Attack Characters Buttimus Wind and Fat Rick Santorum were mentioned in this episode.
  • Andrew Zarian gave some wrestling rumor dirt at the end of the show

Preshow & Aftershow

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