What Google’s DeepMind plans

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What Google’s DeepMind plans
Number 2157
Broadcast Date JANUARY 27, 2014
Episode Length 31:42
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Raj Deut

Raj Deut joins us to chat about Google’s AI ambitions, and check in on the PS4 Xbox One console wars a few months later.



According to the DeepMind website, the company wants to combine the “best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.” DeepMind was founded a neuroscientist and child prodigy in chess Demis Hassabis along with Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.
Earnings per share of $14.50. Analysts expected $58.1 billion and $14.36.
US Federal Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint in US Federal Court in Manhattan against two people charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and one count of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. The two operated a company which sold bit coins for use on the now defunct Silk Road website. According to the complaint, Robert M. Faiella, 52, of Cape Coral, Florida, operated an underground Bitcoin exchange on Silk Road from 2011 to 2013 along with Charlie Shrem, 24, of New York City. Shrem is Vice President and acting CEO of BitInstant and Vice Chairman of the BitCoin Foundation.

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The two companies signed a 10-year cross-licensing deal for patents related to a broad range of technologies. Samsung also settled a court case by reaching a cross-licensing deal with Ericsson that will cost Samsung $650 million.
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More than 2500 orders were reportedly placed using BitCoin
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Google has launched Play editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 among others, but those devices, while running stock Android are still updated by the carrier. Nexus devices get updates directly from Google, and therefore are the first devices to get updates.
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What Google’s DeepMind plans
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