When You Don't Know What You Want

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When You Don't Know What You Want
Number 90
Broadcast Date October 5, 2015
Episode Length 1:00:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Lauren Perry

We interview Pluto.TV co-founder Ilya Pozin about the best cord-cutter service for the lazy and bored. Plus: Amazon bans Chromecast and Apple TV, Verizon goes nowhere, and the new Chromecast proves to be well designed.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Amazon sent email to marketplace sellers
No new listings for Chromecast or Apple TV
Existing inventory will be removed Oct. 29
"It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion."
Developer emailed DTNS pointing out that Chromecast SDK requires Google Play Services on Android, meaning no FireOS device works
And an Amazon rep told David in email “… we'll expand Amazon Video to the upcoming Apple TV 4th Gen in the near future."

Signals Intelligence

Verizon Go90 launched for iOS and Android
Various shows from traditional nets and MCNs
Daily Show and 30 for 30 alongside HuffPost Live, Michelle Phan
VZN wireless subscribers get some exclusives
Live NCAA football, basketball, and international soccer.
Go90 will launch with 8,000 titles and over 35 exclusive original series, which will nearly double by year’s end
15 of the 30 most viewed network shows and 9 of 15 most viewed web shows
Social network aspect to follow celebrities and join crews
Watchable from Comcast
Free on Web, iOS and Comcast X1 set-top box
Web videos from Buzzfeed, Maker, Vice, Vox, etc

Gear Up

Showtime today and Sling TV in next few weeks
NBA NHL coming


circle with integrated HDMI cable (Black, lemonade and coral) 5GHz wifi 802.11ac, new adaptive antenna system
New Chromecast app collects cast-enabled apps/content from your phone
Universal voice search across services
App update within next weeks
Fast Play 80% reduction in app loading
Multiplayer gaming
New feeds getty images, FB and Flickr
Available today in 17 countries for $35
Chromecast Audio
Plugs into existing home speaker
Same shape but with minijack (RCA and optical as well)
Works with any device on network as well as ‘guest mode’
Spotify now supports chromecast
Can mirror audio from Chrome or Android
Supports multi-room sync
Avail. today in 17 countries. $35 in US
TiVo Bolt on sale at Best Buy and Amazon.
4K support, can handle cablecard and Over the Air signals and has a bent design to help with cooling and make it look cool.
QuickMode which plays back content 30% faster with pitch-corrected audio
SkipMode which lets you skip past commercial breaks on 20 channels for programming that airs 4PM to Midnight.
500GB model costs $299 and a 1TB model runs $399. Both models get a year of service for free after which it’s $15 a month or $150 a year.
TiVo Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr on company forums to TiVo enthusiasts: "we already have a roadmap plan to bring you something you'll like way better in 2016 (more on this shortly)."

Front Lines

Tim Cook told BuzzFeed there will be an open API for Apple TV’s search so it can expand beyond the launch apps of iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and HBO.
YouTube Kids is now available on Chromecast and AppleTV. Also new curated playlists from the likes of National Geographic Kids and tools for parents that help you learn the app and tweak the password.
On Virgin America flights now, Netflix is offering free in-flight WiFi and access to its full catalog of movies. You just have to be on a plane with ViaSat WiFi. The promotion ends March 2nd of next year.
HBO Now, Showtime and CBS All Access are all three now available for Android TV users. The console also gets Disney Movies Anywhere’s store, Epix, WWE and UFC.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From The Front

Dear Tom,

It's October which means our beloved Redbirds are once again in the hunt for a World Series title. As a cordkiller I'd like to know the best way to see the action.

It is a confusing process to know where to watch the team with or without cable. I have a Roku and am willing to pay to watch the games. I don't believe MLB At Bat has playoff coverage.

How are we going watch, Tom?

- Michael (Great) Daehn

Dear Tom and Brian,

I continue to enjoy your show and appreciate all your hard work.

I want to make a suggestion that I think will help everyone: you should recommend that your bosses switch their payment method in their Patreon accounts to PayPal. Here's why: PayPal will notify users when their card is about to expire, so they can fix it before it actually starts being declined. This will help Cordkillers get their money on time. Merchants don't see PayPal users' card numbers, so there's less risk when a database is hacked (you probably already knew that, but it's timely information considering recent events). See how everyone wins? PayPal wasn't available on Patreon when I first signed up, soon after you started Cordkillers. So some of your bosses who signed up in the beginning might not be aware they even have this option. Tom should tell DTNS listeners, too. Love the show!

- Beelissa

Hey Brian and Tom, I like the idea of using VR for virtual theaters and be able to sit back on my comfy couch with nice headphones and get a real theater experience minus the seat kicking.

Brian's comment about being able to look around the virtual theater and see the shocked expressions of the people around you reminded me of a DTNS story about the software that is able to read emotions.

If down the road our VR gear is able to do that, then it would be possible to have our virtual avatar display the same surprise, shock, disgust, etc, that we're feeling as we watch the movies.

This would be good for that community feeling if the theater is full of our friends, or even a selection of strangers that also happen to be watching the movie at the same time.

It would also be useful for film makers and studios to see the data that is fed back so they can make better movies.

- Andy from Michigan



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