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When You Don't Know What You Want
Number 89
Broadcast Date September 28, 2015
Episode Length 52:20
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

The cord-cutting pace is glacial in so many ways, Netflix knows you, why VR will be awesome for movies.


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Intro Video

Primary Target

Investment banking firm Evercore has study
Examined millennials 18-23, 24-29, 30-35
More than 50% in each group unlikely to cut pay TV for online streaming
More than half of 30-35 group watch most video on a TV
For online 1. Netflix 2. YouTube
Nielsen Q2 audience report US
In last yearPay TV households decreased 1.2% to 100.4 million
Broadband only homes rose >50% from 2.2 million to 3.3 million
SVOD subs rose 18% in Q2. 45% hh subscribe
Live TV viewing fell by 8 minutes per day on average to 4h 11m
Online video rose 19%
App/web smartphone rose 0:36 ’13 0:56 ’14 1:06 ’15
App Annie app analytics year ending July rankings
YouTube and Twitch largest yoy download growth
YouTube watch time up 60% yoy
HBO Now and Hulu topping revenue charts
MLB number two in revenue, NFL number 4
Top 10 video streaming apps tripled revenue

Signals Intelligence

Netflix identified what episode retained 70% of the audience after viewing.
across 16 markets, including the US, UK, and Australia,
Dutch get hooked fastest
Australia/NZ slowest

Gear Up

Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Tivo, Twitch and Facebook are all bringing video content to the new
Samsung Gear VR headset, which is shipping in November
VR Cinema presentations. You get a big screen and the chance to look around the ‘room’
CNN will live stream presidential debate in VR for Gear VR 10/13 on Next VR portal.

Front Lines

BBC is the latest to make a kid-friendly version of its streaming service. The children’s version of iPlayer will include content from CBBC and Cbeebies, two children’s channels.
Verizon’s Go90 streaming service has three deals for original content. New Form Digital will make six shortform comedies and dramas. Endemol will launch three series two with YouTube stars Cassey Ho and Sonya Esman. And Madonna’s DanceOn will make 80 hours of shows including a reality series.
Netflix’s first feature film, Beasts of No Nation, starring Idris Elba comes to streaming October 16th but will hit some Curzon Cinemas in Britain, October 9th. Beacuse awards.

Under Surveillance

Amazon Autumn pilot season US, UK, Germany, Austria.


Based on book series by George G. Gilman “most violent western in print.”
Max Martini (Pacific Rim) as Josia “edge” Hedges
Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) as Merritt Harknett,
Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) as Beth.
Lethal Weapon writer and Iron Man 3 writer/director Shane Black

Good Girls Revolt

Female researchers at “News of the Week” ask to be treated fairly in 1969.
Genevieve Angelson (Backstrom) as Patti, Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) as Jane, Erin Darke (We Need to Talk About Kevin) as - Cindy, Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley) as Finn, Hunter Parrish (Weeds) as Doug, Jim Belushi (Show Me a Hero) as - Wick McFadden, Joy Bryant (Parenthood) as Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Grace Gummer as Nora Ephron.


19 year old Highston Liggetts has celebrity friends only he can see
Lewis Pullman as Highston
Mary Lynn Rajskub and Chris Parnell as parents
Pilot guest celebs are Flea and Shaq
Sacha Baron Cohen EP

One Mississippi

Based on life of Tig Notaro as she deals with the complex reentry into her childhood hometown of Bay Saint Lucille, Mississippi, to deal with the unexpected death of her mother, the interminable life of the party, Caroline.
Coproduction with FX Productions.
Written and EP Notaro and Diablo Cody (Juno)
EP Louis CK (Louie), Blair Breard (Louie), and Dave Becky (Everybody Hates Chris)


Life of intelligence officer John Tavner (Australian newcomer Michael Dorman, Wonderland). His latest assignment is to prevent Iran from going nuclear,
Terry O’Quinn as Tavner’s father and State Dept. Director of Intelligence


Bioseries of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Starts before she meets F. Scott.
Christina Ricci as Zelda.
Gavin Stenhouse as F. Scott.
Mr. Robot is coming to the UK as an Amazon Prime Video exclusive October 16th. It’s never been available in the UK. Mr. Robot will also be a streaming exclusive for Amazon in the US, Germany, Austria and Japan.
Netflix announced it has commissioned 12 new episodes of Black Mirror with Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones continuing to develop the show. The series will premiere in all Netflix territories except the UK and Ireland, implying some details need to be worked out with Black Mirror’s previous network, Channel 4. A date and episode rollout plan will be announced later again implying we might not get all 12 episodes at once.

Dispatches From The Front

Hi Tom and Brian,

First the tip. Two words... Go Bag. My wife and I travel a lot and have created 2 electronics "Go" bags, one for short trips and one for longer ones. Each bag contains 30 pin and Lightening cables, USB wall plugs, Mini USB, Micro USB, Multi card readers for cameras, random USB drives (some with shows and movies on them), mini plug bars (with USB ports), mini flash light and most importantly an HDMI cable with converter for both 30 pin and lightening to play Hulu, Netflix, Amazon etc... on most* hotel TVs. (Also tape for covering various glowing things around the room.) Recently I've thought about getting a ChromeCast to replace the bulky HDMI cable and adapter. It would be much nicer than having an iPad hooked up directly to the TV which requires getting up and going to the TV to change shows. Having a bright yellow or red one would make it easy to find in the Go bag, so as soon as we arrive I can grab it and throw something on the TV while we unpack.

Just a thought and maybe a tip for those who travel a lot.

- Biocow

  • We've had about 90% success rate over the last 4 years.

Hello Tom, Brian and Bryce

I've recently been using an addon for Kodi called PsuedoTV Live and I wanted to share it with some more cordkillers. This addon allows you to build channels from your own media in Kodi and will present the channels in a guide format to simulate a cable service. When the addon is started it generates streams from your library and is already playing. So if you wanted to create your own SlingTV or Cable like experience you can. It even works with a HDHomeRun for antenna channels.

I made a short video (2:30 long) with my brief review and a short screencast on what it looks like. I uploaded to YouTube so I'm not trying to send you a giant file. I love the show and I just wanted to pass along an addon I found that's perfect for cord cutters. I'm in no way affiliated with Kodi or this addon, just sharing my experience.

You guys rock! Thanks!

- Dominic

"I did it! (sorta"

I know, I know, where you want yada yada.

I sent back the fios tv boxes, turned off my home phone, bought a cell phone amplifier. Just me, 75/75 and Netflix/prime/etc.

Except Verizon FIOS has a plan for local channels only that actually lowers the price of the plan by $20. Just send back the box and run the coax into the back of the tv and viola!

Good for me and the sports. But did I hurt the cause? Do we have a cause?

- Rob Damascus. Md

I just wanted to say that another place where offline viewing is important and/or needed is RV camp grounds. As someone who goes RVing several times a year I can say that camp grounds don't always have wi-fi or if they do, it is usually pretty bad. Labor day weekend my wife and I went RVing and it rained and she was sick (great combo I know!). Luckily, I used the DirecTV GenieGO app to download several shows to our tablet and we were able to catch up on our shows without using and bandwidth. I can't imagine the price (since we did have 4G) that that kind of viewing would added to our bill. Unlike the farmer who e-mailed in last week we only have a 4 GB plan.

- Jay in Ohio



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