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YouBooze is a game in which viewers submit YouTube videos and the participants bet on the types of comments that accompany it.



Viewers are asked to submit links to YouTube clips before the game begins. These clips should not be viewed by the participants ahead of time, but may be organized by a third party.


A video is selected and the title is announced. It is then screened for the contestants, but they are not allowed to view the comments on the video. (In the event that the video is long, it may be cut off after one minute.)


Contestants then bet that one of the following options will appear on the first page of comments for the video they just viewed:

  • Username Love - At least one commenter has "love" in their username
  • Birth Year - At least one commenter has a year after 1990 in their username
  • Complete Sentence - At least one comment has a complete sentence
  • ALL CAPS - At least one comment is in ALL CAPS (not including abbreviations like "LOL")
  • OMGWTFBBQ - At least one comment is nothing but an abbreviation (such as "LOL!" or "OMG!")
  • Racist - At least one comment is racist
  • Too Gay - At least one comment is homophobic
  • Timecode - At least one comment refers to a timecode
  • Troll - At least one comment is an obvious troll
  • Spam - At least one comment was removed for spam
  • Recent Comments - At least three comments were made in the last 12 hours
  • Old Comments - No comments within the last day

Contestants may either take turns to select their option verbally or they may write them down and reveal their selections at the same time. If the verbal option is used, contestants may not repeat another contestant's bet for that video.


Anyone who is incorrect must drink the beverage of their choice.

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