Zipping down the freeways of your arteries

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Zipping down the freeways of your arteries
Number 2873
Broadcast Date OCTOBER 6, 2016
Episode Length 32:40
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Dr. Kiki Sanford

Moore’s law may get a reprieve! Dr. Kiki tells Tom Merritt how researchers have figured out how to make 1-nanometer transistors.


Top Stories

The Wall Street Journal says Snap, the parent company of Snapchat is preparing for a public stock offering, or IPO as they say valuing the company at $25 billion as early as March 2017. Now here are some more top stories.
Oculus made several announcements at Oculus Connect Thursday. Oculus lowered the specs require for the Rift. Oculus has used a new software API called "asynchronous spacewarp" to let the Rift run on any machine with an Nvidia 960 or greater, and an intel i3-6100 (or AMD FX4350) or greater.
Oculus is developing a prototype of a standalone VR headset. Mark Zuckerberg called it "A standalone virtual reality product category that is high-quality and that is affordable and that you can bring with you out into the world."
Oculus is also going to cover Unreal Engine license fees for any app sold through the Oculus Store for up to the first $5 million in gross revenue and Oculus developing ReactVR for developing VR websites and VR browser called Carmel. for Oculus.
Oculus will sell earphones designed for VR for $49 shipping later this year. Oculus touch controllers available for preorder October 10 for $199 shipping December 6th bundled with an extra sensor and the games VR Sports Challenge and the Unspoken. Extra sensors will be available for $79 shipping December 6th, allowing room scale.
And you'll be able to broadcast your VR gameplay to Facebook from the Oculus Rift.
Reuters sources say Twitter informed potential buyers that it will conclude sale negotiations by October 27th, the day the company reports third quarter earnings. Sources told Recode that Google, Apple, and Disney have decided not to bid for the company, leaving Salesforce as the last company rumored to still consider purchasing Twitter. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told CNBC "The reality is we have to look at everything, but we're going to pass on most things."
LinkedIn (still in the process of being acquired by Microsoft) announced a new feature called Open Candidates. The feature lets users signal to recruiters who pay for $8,000 premium service that they are open to changing jobs. It will only be visible to recruiters from outside the users current place of employment. The new feature rolls out first in Canada, Australia, the US and UK with more markets to follow this year.
Samsung acquired Viv makers of AI software powering a virtual assistant. Viv was founded in 2012 by Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham who also developed Siri and sold it to Apple. Unlike Siri, Viv will continue to operate as an independent company after Samsung acquires it. Viv aims to support better interconnectivity between apps and have the ability to dynamically write new code to accomplish tasks set by users. Kittlaus says he is committed to keeping the platform open, though the millions of Samsung devices will certainly be the main platform.
US FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has revised privacy policies being proposed for US internet providers. The previous proposal had imposed opt-in requirements for ISPs to collect information about customers. ISPs complained that Internet companies like Google and Facebook, which are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission had no such requirements. So the new FCC proposal is similar to the FTC's rules. That means ISPs will only have to get opt-in for sensitive data like location or financial info. The FCC includes browsing history under sensitive information. The FCC will vote on the new proposal October 27th.



Regarding Pixel support, Rich Stroffolino (writer and sometimes host of Daily Tech Headlines) and listener Andy Wilson both pointed out Google states at least 2 years of OS updates, 3 years of security patches.
Sent by Rich from lovely Cleveland and Andy Wilson

So, has anyone gone to and opened their console?
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