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Ain't No Party Like A 3rd Party Party
Number 3722
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 20, 2020
Episode Length 29:11
Hosts Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang

Apple is considering letting users set third-party web browser and email defaults in iOS. Is this a win for consumers?

Quick Hits

Some Galaxy phone users reported receiving an apparently accidental notification from Samsung’s Find My Mobile app. The alert reads “1” with another “1” below it. A few hours after the incident, Samsung said that the messages were unintentionally sent during an internal test.
At RSA next week, Microsoft will preview versions of its Defender antivirus software for Android and iOS. The apps will come as part of Microsoft's enterprise security platform. Microsoft also announced a preview of Microsoft Defender APT for Linux.
YouTube TV reached a deal with Warner Media to offer HBO and Cinemax on its linear TV lineup as well as sell access to the HBO Max streaming service when it launches in April. YouTube TV already offered access to WarnerMedia networks like TBS, TNT, CNN and others.

Top Stories

Twitter announced it's rolling out a Continue Thread option, providing an easier way to connect multiple tweets together. Users can now scroll up when composing a tweet to see a list of previous tweets. Selecting one will present a "Continue Thread" option, which will allow you to add the composed tweet as a thread to the older tweet.
Gmail is adding a feature called "Search Chips" that let you narrow down results when you're searching for an email. Buttons will show up on top of search results with names like "has attachment" "exclude chats" or a date picker. The feature will come to G Suite users first with eventual availability for all Gmail users.
Google plans to move UK user accounts under US jurisdiction as a result of the UK leaving the EU. Google told Reuters, “The protections of the UK GDPR will still apply to these users.” UK user data is kept in Ireland, part of the EU, which would make it more difficult to recover in cases of criminal investigations. The US Cloud Act makes it easier for British authorities to obtain data from US companies.
Business Insider saw an email to developers noting that Google's Cloud Vision API will no longer use gendered labels for image tags. The labels are used to identify what's in an image. Images with people will be labeled "person." Google says it is not possible to infer gender solely from appearance and mistaken labels violate its ethics principle against creating or reinforcing bias.
HTC announced new VR headsets under the Cosmos name. The Cosmos Elite comes with two external tracking stations for more precise positioning. Preorders begin February 24 for $899 bundled with two base stations and two controllers. Existing Cosmos owners can add the external faceplate for $199 starting next quarter. The Cosmos Play has four inside-out cameras for tracking on the headset. More information on that in the coming months. The Cosmos XR has 4 inside-out trackers and two pass-through cameras for seeing the real world and experiencing augmented reality in 100 degree field of view. More details coming at GDC with a dev kit coming in Q2. HTC also announced the Project Proton working prototype. It's ski googles-like approach that can be all in one or "all in two" tethered to an external pack. It also could eventually work with a phone. It uses passthrough video for augmented reality.


Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that Apple is considering letting users set third-party web browser and email defaults in iOS, as well as allowing direct integration of 3rd party music services on HomePod and possibly Siri on iOS, according to sources. Apple's prohibition against 3rd party defaults on iOS was questioned last year at a hearing by the U.S. House of Representatives antitrust panel and Spotify filed an antitrust complaint about Apple's App Store policies and lack of HomePod access to the EU. According to sources, Apple has not reached a decision on whether to change its 3rd party default policy, but changes could be rolled out as early as iOS 14.


I love my Shield TVs (2015 16GB and Pro version), I wanted a box as good and flexible as the Boxee Boxes I replaced. I've side-loaded a couple apps that don't have native versions (Patreon, Chrome, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and a couple more) and the box is great for vintage game emulators.

I've had some success with side-loading Google Hangouts and Skype, but with no native support it may do some weird things.

Unfortunately the later Shield TV revisions seem like a downgrade for me.
Sent by Byron Sanford

You talked about facebook feed and that you want to see posts on chronological order.

Here's how you do this on the desktop version:

Go to the left sidebar menu under the user name, you'll see a news feed button, press it and choose most recent.

It is not set automatically so you need to do this every time you log in.

On facebook app:

Press the menu on the right side of the screen, go to most recent and that's it.

Lots of love from Israel 🇮🇱

Best regards,
Sent by Ruth



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