Cosby Mouth

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Cosby Mouth
Number 199
Broadcast Date October 9, 2013
Episode Length 1:28:08
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Korey Coleman, Bonnie Brushwood

This week Brett, Bonnie and Korey Coleman stop by to hang out and talk. It's really fun.


Opening Video


Dialogue 'Bout Drug Houses

Bri Bri and Jurbs just feel like hangin' out with Brett, Korey and Bonnie for a bit. They discuss Wi-Fi Pineapples, having your house searched on suspicion of growing pot and the property value of former meth houses.


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Gabbin' 'Bout Gravity

Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" is the nation's biggest movie and none of them have seen it besides Korey. Korey suggests that they all see it in IMAX 3D, but Brian has been spoiled by the Alamo Drafthouse and is very hesitant to watch any movie with all the gross "normal" people.


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All 'Bout Alcohol

Justin and Brett are in Birmingham, Alabama where they went to a bar with a keg built into the table. You can rent a table for a few hours and you have unlimited beer. In other news, Brian doesn't know what bottle service. Korey then tells us about how flip flops kill sharks.

During a conversation about how the Austin club scene isn't as nice as it used to be, Korey tells some stories about his antics in bars including the time he was stealing money from a stripper as she was dancing.


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Hollerin' 'Bout Harmontown

Brian and Brandt went to a live recording of "Harmontown", a podcast by 'Community' creator Dan Harmon, and Brian was amazed at the experience of viewing a podcast in person that he had only ever experienced in audio form. It gave him a further understanding of how the NSFW audience feels when he and Justin have awkward moments on the their own shows.

Ramblin' 'Bout Ruinum

So the first check has come in from the Ruinum experiment. $1,850 each for Brian and Justin. NOT BAD. In related news…! Ruinum available now!

Review from Bonnie's parents and their friends: "We all thought it was really strong and one person said they would drink it again."

Conversin' 'Bout Kelsey

Somehow Jon Tilton's girlfriend, Kelsey, got brought up in conversation and that reminded them of some great Kelsey stories at DragonCon 2013. Right before the live NSFW show, Brian and Justin were getting psyched up in their hotel room. Justin started yelling "I GOT AIDS ON MY DICK" over and over again. Then Kelsey walked out of the bathroom and it was really awkward. Kelsey was cool with it though.

Then another night, Justin got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When Justin came back he tried to get in bed with Jon and Kelsey. Obviously Jon didn't want this to happen and Justin called him a cunt and went back to his own bed with Ashley.

Mumblin' 'Bout Movies

The 2013 Winter Movie Draft has begun! So of course Brian and Justin are able to fill hours of time just talking about their predictions for the season.

Diamond Club: The Movie

They're still taking entries for the Diamond Club movie trailer. Check out the doc.

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In the aftershow Brian, Bonnie and Korey broke down the music video for Peter Gabriel's Steam.

Belt Winner

  • Korey

Preshow Doc


Great Quotes

  • "You Jews!" -Justin
  • "That was the rare double-play: unfunny AND anti-semitic." -Justin

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