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Destroying an Alien Invasion With Pocket Change
Number 255
Broadcast Date January 14, 2020
Episode Length 13:25
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Fun Facts

  • At 6:32, a twitter handle is displayed as "@amuseliesehart" but should have been "@amuseliese"
  • During the second half of the video, a hand can occasionally be seen in frame, acting as a makeshift lens hood to block incoming sunlight.
  • This video is part of a continuing saga of the Ch-ILD invasion, and efforts to defend humanity from it.

Full Episode



Brian Brushwood: host
Jason Murphy: host
Brandt Hughes: camera operator / colorist / live audio engineer (ad)
Bryce Castillo: camera operator (ep)
John Rael: editor
Annaliese Martin: production assistance / live audio engineer (ep)
Jacob Merrill: production assistance / camera operator (ep)
John F. (Rev): first draft of english captioning


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"Turning a Hotel Key Into a Stolen Credit Card"
Destroying an Alien Invasion With Pocket Change
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