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Diamond Club TV, located at diamondclub.tv, is the community site hosted by fans of Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young — collectively known as the Diamond Club. The site features live streams of Diamond Club-affiliated shows and livestreamers as well as community-curated playlists of YouTube content.

The site was created in January 2014 by Dan Dirks. A new version, based on BrickSlap.tv, is in development by SgtMuffin (also Dan) and tinnvec.

Live Diamond Club Shows

Be sure to check the calendar for show times in your area.


Chatrealm is both the term for the home audience who watches live during most DCTV shows and the IRC network on which the chat room is located. A web chat box can be found beneath the video stream on DCTV. It can also be found on irc.chatrealm.net (port 6667/6697 SSL), #chat. See IRC for detailed instructions on how to connect using an IRC client.