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FSL Tonight, is a podcast hosted by Justin Robert Young and Tom Merritt. The show is centered around a fictional sports league featuring teams and players from various sci-fi and fantasy series like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Firefly. Since Tom and Justin are gigantic dorks for the stories and characters involved in the league, the show is laden with comedic references to the teams' back-stories. The show's format is similar to many real-life fantasy sports shows in that they talk about the previous week's games as well as the upcoming match-ups. Unlike most podcasts, FSL Tonight is actually completely scripted and, besides the championship episode, every episode is pre-recorded and released later.

Many episodes include guests appearances by many of Tom and Justin's geeky friends like Scott Johnson, Paul and Storm, Len Peralta and Veronica Belmont. Most of the time the guests are playing a character, such as a reporter, a fan or even league Commissioner, Stan Lee.

Fun Facts

  • The opening music is "The Big Boom" by Jonathan Coulton
  • The show is hosted on Scott Johnson's Frogpants Network
    • Scott also created the "Dragon SportsTalk Radio stinger and the FSL Logo