From the Forums - Part 2!

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From the Forums - Part 2!
Number 33
Broadcast Date October 30, 2008
Episode Length 8:16
Hosts Brian Brushwood

This week Brian is back in the Revision 3 studios another "From the Forums episode"!

Revision3 Summary

We keep asking for your video submission of scams you learned from watching the show and we have another batch of those submissions to share. Watch some dedicated viewers try out The Race, The Jack-O-Lantern, and For the Ladies!

Below are the links to the full video of each submission:

Keep those submissions coming and you may be featured in an upcoming episode of Scam School!

Great Quotes

"Welcome to the show that's responsible for turning that '4' into a perfect '10'..." -Brian

Next Week

Next episode, we are back at the bar! This time, sharing some of our all time favorite hazing rituals.

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From the Forums - Part 2!
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