Get Set To Die In Space

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Get Set To Die In Space
Number 137
Broadcast Date July 24, 2012
Episode Length 1:10:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Get Set Go

Get Set Go is live in the Brickhouse to perform and create some catchy jingles for some interesting companies.


Opening Video

Japanese German Techno-Yodels

Summer Music Series

Get Set Go is back and this time they are live in the TWiT Brickhouse!.

Koreans Humping

In the pre-show, Brian found this video of a Korean exercise machine commercial and he realized that you can put pretty much ANY song over it and it will turn into pure magic.

Internet Jingles

When the fat cats of the internet eventually come to a website offering a Super Bowl commercial spot, they're gonna need a jingle, and that's where Get Set Go comes in! With the help of Brian and Justin, Get Set Go came up with a few jingles for some popular companies.

  • - A website dedicated to people having affairs.
    • "You won't get caught"
  • Chick-Fil-A - They are a chicken restaurant that hates the gays.
    • "Closed on Sunday, we ain't Gay-Fil-A"
  • Kickstarter - A website that allows people from all over the world to fund projects that they like.
    • "Kickstarter: Where dreams come true. UNLESS IT NEVER COMES OUT! *manical laugh*"
  • MySpace - A site that used to be popular.
    • MySpace. Remember us.


Diamond Club Book

The editing has begun and the book is just about finished. Justin got in contact with a few of his designer friends and they came up with this cover for the book.

REMEMBER! July 30th! (That's a Monday) That is the day that you have to pay your Diamond Club dues. All you have to do is buy the Diamond Club book on iTunes.

Chatting Up Get Set Go

Brian and Justin have a nice conversation with Get Set Go. You can get all up on their website and buy all of Get Set Go's music.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "One of the things we haven't really heard on the show ... was just to find out how things are going for you guys, and your career trajectory to the stars. Which is where you deserve to be, because you should die in the vacuum of space." -Brian

Fun Facts




Links & Downloads

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Get Set To Die In Space
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