How to Hide Top-Secret Data in All Your Photos

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How to Hide Top-Secret Data in All Your Photos
Number 90
Broadcast Date November 3, 2017
Episode Length 11:03
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Jason logged onto Brian's computer to look up Brodyquest but he couldn't move the mouse without accidentally clicking on something lewd, improper, embarrassing, or incriminating. It's time Brian learned how to hide files inside of other files, for you know, safekeeping.


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Fun Facts

  • The filming of this episode was livestreamed for patrons.
  • The embedded steganography challenge for this episode was not figured out until the day before publishing, and the reward was not figured out until an hour before publishing.
  • The edit for this episode was started, then pushed back for 13 episodes before finally getting released.
  • Most of Bryce's footage was almost lost during this episode due to a encoding/decoding glitch.
  • It took 4 days before it was documented that somebody beat the steganography challenge.



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How to Hide Top-Secret Data in All Your Photos
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