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League of Later
Number 3728
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 28, 2020
Episode Length 31:37
Hosts Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang
Guests Jenn Cutter, Len Peralta

How are professional e-sports leagues dealing with the fallout from fears of COVID-19 and will their strategies be effective?


Quick Hits

Vivo's latest APEX concept phone features a 48-megapixel "gimbal camera" below the zoom camera. Vivo says "it achieves optical stabilisation in the front-back and left-right inclined directions with enhanced performance." This design was inspired by a chameleon's eyeball.
Security researchers from ThreatFabric discovered a version of a banking trojan called Cerberus that can capture 2FA codes from Google Authenticator on Android. The trojan abuses accessibility privileges to read the screen when the Authenticator app is running. ThreatFabric believes this version of the Trojan is in the test phase.
The US Department of Justice, Best Buy, Macy’s, as well as a sovereign wealth fund in the United Arab Emirates are all clients of Clearview AI, according to documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News. Clearview’s software matches photos of persons of interest to scraped public online images. The documents point to Clearview being used by more than 2,200 law enforcement departments, government agencies, and companies across 27 countries.
Microsoft announced that Cortana skills including music, connected home, and other third party skills will no longer be available in the upcoming updated Cortana experience on Windows 10, which will instead focus on productivity. Some of Microsoft's top skill integrations included Xbox, FitBit, Phillips Hue, Spotify, and SmartThings/Samsung.

Top Stories

The Information reports that Apple is planning to release a new iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad later this year, and will likely be released with the next version of the iPad Pro, according to a source. iPadOS already has mouse support through AssistiveTouch, but it doesn't behave quite like a desktop mouse pointer. A trackpad could point to more mouse integration on the iPad.
The Verge's Jillian Mock writes on the increasing frequency of fires in recycling plants due to discarded lithium ion batteries. If a lithium Ion battery is damaged it can create a thermal runaway event that burns hot and can catch fire quickly. The number of fires at waste facilities in the US and Canada rose 26 percent from 2016 to 2019 — from 272 to 343. And the fires can burn a facility down. Bill Keegan, president of Dem-Con Companies in Minnesota estimates a facility a month is lost to battery fires. Batteries are harder to spot than other fire risks, because they can be in anything from greeting cards to e-cig pens.
ZDNet's Larry Dignan writes about lessons businesses are learning in remote worker management as the COVID-19 outbreak causes more workers to stay home. ZDNet points out the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence conference in New York included talks from Chinese scientists over video conference. Will this reduce flights for meetings as people realize what can be done remotely? Could it affect real estate as companies get a better handle on what roles need to be in the office? It may also affect consumer behavior as more people conduct business and make purchases online.
A Twitter account for Andrew Waltz, republican candidate for US Congress in Rhode Island was verified by Twitter earlier this month. Unfortunately, the account was not created by Waltz, but by a 17-year-old high school student in New York State. He told CNN he created the account over the holiday break because he was bored. He downloaded a picture from This Person Does Not Exist and created a fake website as well. He also created a page for the candidate on Ballotpedia which requires a survey be filled out for any candidate information to be created. Ballotpedia partners with Twitter and submitted a list of candidates to Twitter that included the fake Waltz. Ballotpedia says this was because it did not distinguish "declared" candidates from "filed" in the list and will do so in the future.
Maddie Stone has a post on Medium's OneZero discussing a new paper about the impact of data centers on power usage and subsequently climate change. The concern has been that data centers use 1% of global electricity and that could rise significantly in the coming years. A paper published in the Journal "Science" called, "Recalibrating global data center energy-use estimates" integrates data that includes energy efficiency trends to come to a more accurate estimate of data center energy use. The authors used data on server sales and equipment efficiency rather than IP traffic. The authors found modest growth is to be expected. However, tech companies aren't fully transparent leaving room for error.


The Chinese League of Legends Pro League announced it will resume its season March 9th, after suspending play over COVID-19 concerns. Players will be required to undergo a 14-day monitored quarantine period and “meet all local health requirements,” and matches will be shift to online play only rather than in front of fans.
When the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 World Championship in Katowice, Poland, reaches the playoff stage on Friday, there won't be an on-site audience because of concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, event organizer ESL announced Thursday.
This poor guy. An ESL staffer is gonna take him out for some food, at least.
Capcom Pro Tour Announcement: Brussels Challenge, Norcal Regionals, and April Annihilation have been removed from 2020's Capcom Pro Tour. Points allocated to these events will be removed from the pool. Remaining schedule to proceed as written.
10 minutes after the CPT announcement, Brussels Challenge (Belgium) organizer announces it is cancelled.


Hey DTNS crew! A bit of follow up on the question Tom asked yesterday—why Northrop Grumman’s MEV-1 is providing 5 years of service to Intelsat 901.
Sent by Anthony

Regarding the story on the code in the latest iOS beta for internet recovery on the iPhone, I think it may connect to the rumor a couple months ago about a future port-free iPhone. It makes sense that Apple would want to ensure iOS internet restore is working flawlessly before releasing an iPhone without a port. While this still is no guarantee they will actually pull the trigger on an iPhone without a port, reliable iOS recovery that doesn’t require a port is a crucial hurdle that now looks like it will be removed.
Sent by Markus from beginning-to-thaw Minnesota



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