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Mike demonstrates hobo vagina

Mike Galante (aka Captain MG) was Brian Brushwood's right hand man from late 2008 through December 10, 2009, replacing Jonny Zavant. He was first mentioned in Episode 1 of BBLiveShow and later went on to appear in several episodes of the show as well as appearing in and being a creative consultant for Scam School starting with How to Stick a Nail Up Your Nose.

His first BBLiveShow appearance was Episode 3 in which he talks about how he became Brian's "left hand man" at the start of the show. He discovered Brian by looking up how to eat fire and buying The Professional's Guide to Fire Eating and later getting Cheats, Cons, Swindles and Tricks: 57 Ways to Scam a Free Drink.

In one of his most infamous BBLiveShow appearances, he told (and visually performed) the hobo vagina story. As seen in We fuck your shit, guaranteed! he can sleep through almost any yelling done by Brian.

Fun Facts

  • Mike is left handed.
  • Mike's first Scam School appearance was in Stick It To 'Em with The Funnel.
  • He was first credited as a Creative Consultant in Scam School during How to Stick a Nail Up Your Nose and continues to be credited to this day.
  • He is a seriously nice guy and can talk about nothing for hours at a TGI Fridays bar in central Pennsylvania.
  • On the road with Brian, he did very well with the ladies.


Preceded by:
"Jonny Zavant"
Mike Galante
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"Chad Johnson"