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Night Attack 3: Too Old To Talk Album Front Cover

Night Attack 3: Too Old to Talk is the fourth comedy album in the Night Attack series by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, released in 2014. It was produced by Bryce Castillo.


They're back with a new journey of growth and discovery (and not just in their pants). Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young open themselves up as they discuss a universal truth in comedy, follow-ups to two classic Night Attack stories, and the debut of the next big superhero duo. Includes remixes from TROPIX.

Track List

  1. The Funniest Force In The Universe
  2. The Ballad Of Captain Poop
  3. Most Hated
  4. The Day The Real Brian Brushwood Was Born
  5. Definitely The Funniest Force In The Universe (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  6. Home Depot (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  7. Bonnie's Paradise (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  8. Story Doesn't Matter (with Bonnie Brushwood)
  9. That Special Ring
  10. Prez, Do You Even Lift?
  11. Continental Congress Style
  12. Hall of Presidents
  13. Fucking Brands I (with Veronica Belmont)
  14. Trip to China
  15. Awkward Bus
  16. B.A.N.G. Bus
  17. Captain Morgan Comes Again
  18. Fucking Brands II (with Veronica Belmont)
  19. Lifestyles of the Internet Famous (with Chad Johnson)
  20. Special's Shadow (with Chad Johnson)
  21. Fucking Brands III (with Veronica Belmont)
  22. Sissy Hypno
  23. Old Motherfuckers
  24. Most Hated (TROPIX Remix)
  25. Prez, Do You Even Lift? (TROPIX Remix)
  26. Home Depot (TROPIX Remix)


Preceded by:
"Night Attack (Live)"
Night Attack 3
Followed by:
"All's Well: A Night Attack Album"