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Patricia Harkins-Bradley is a shy lady

Patricia Harkins-Bradley is the author of the bestselling novel The Diamond Club: A Novel. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

About the Author

The following is taken from "About the Author" in The Diamond Club: A Novel:

Patricia Harkins-Bradley is an English teacher, ex-wife, and mother-of-three in San Francisco, California.
Since an early age, she's always wanted to capture the hearts of millions through stories of romance. Many of the characters mentioned in her writing are interpretations of characters pulled from her daily life, college days, and other precious memories.
Patricia has written a variety of unpublished short stories, but finally decided to share her writing with the world in her first published novel, The Diamond Club.

Fun Facts

  • Some people report that "Patricia Harkins-Bradley" is a pseudonym for Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young. This is absolutely not correct!
  • Others report that "Patricia Harkins-Bradley" may be a pseudonym for a collection of fans of NSFW. We can neither confirm nor deny.
  • There are rumors that the name of the author of The Diamond Club came from the names of teachers for Brian, Justin, and Brett Rounsaville. Crazy rumors...
  • Patricia Harkins-Bradley lived on the same dorm floor as Jackie Hern.
  • Giggleloop bears a striking resemblance to Patricia.