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Soft Release
Number 209
Broadcast Date December 16, 2013
Episode Length 1:12:31
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood, Jason Howell

Bonnie Brushwood freestyle raps the news, Casey Kasem gets taken down a peg and the Chatrealm makes a music video for Jason Howell's song Lonely Nights.


Opening Video

Wham! - Last Christmas (Slugabed Ruined It)

MC Allergy Freestyle Raps the News

MC Allergy doesn't really follow the news, so Brian told her a little bit about a news story and she freestyle rapped over a beat provided by Justin.

News Stories


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Crowdsourced Lonely Nights Video

In standard NSFW fashion, the guys got an idea for the show, and gave very little time for the Chatrealm to accomplish it. In this case, they wanted members of Chatrealm to pick a ten second slot of Jason's Lonely Night song and film whatever they want. They could lipsync along to their portion of the song, they could create a cartoon, they could use puppets, whatever; but then all the clips would be edited together to create a full music video. The clips were to be uploaded to YouTube and listed in the doc.

Hours before the show started, Justin and Brian were freaking out since only one person had signed up for a slot. But quickly, the majority of the slots were claimed and by the time the show started, only a couple of slots were left unclaimed. The guys figured that they could just fill in the remaining 40 seconds with their own videos that they would record live, but by the time they finished the first 10 seconds, all the slots were filled.

Once all the clips were recorded, there was just a lot of sitting around waiting for the clips to be edited together with the music on top of them. This included a few minutes of Brian, Justin and Jason staring at each other without talking as a rap beat played.

In the end, friend of the show, Chinbeard stepped up with the full, edited music video. Watch it here.


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Great Quotes

  • "It's a butter dance party. Ain't no rules up in here!" - Justin

Fun Facts





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