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Team Teams or Team Slack?
Number 3720
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 14, 2020
Episode Length 33:57
Hosts Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang
Guests Robb Dunewood, Len Peralta

Which collaborative messaging platform works best in a corporate environment; Slack or Teams? Robb Dunewood is here to break it down for us.


Quick Hits

YouTube notified YouTube TV subscribers who signed up through Apple's App Store that subscribing through Apple in-app purchases would be discontinued as of March 13th, and previous app store subscriptions will be automatically cancelled then. Apple takes 30% of a subscription signup for the first 12 months, then 15% after that. The YouTube TV apps will still be available across Apple devices.
Research scientists at MIT discovered security vulnerabilities in the Voatz app used for some voters during the 2018 US mid-term elections in West Virginia. They reverse-engineered the Voatz app and server finding the app did not verify votes with the back-end blockchain. Attackers could change votes or prevent them from being submitted. Voter identifying information was also not guaranteed to remain private. The MIT researchers disclosed this to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency before making the findings public.
Samsung board Chairman Lee Sang-hoon, who was convicted and jailed for sabotaging union activities, has resigned. Samsung says Lee’s successor will be appointed in the near future and could be picked from remaining members of its board.
Facebook's experimental projects group, NPE Team, launched its fourth app called Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app to document personal projects. This lets users organize photos into themed collections, tracking progress over time, with the ability to share video highlight reels externally once a project is complete. The app itself is not a social network. Hobbi is currently available on iOS in the US, Columbia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine.

Top Stories

Facebook announced it will let influencers in the US post paid content for political campaigns if the posts are clearly identified as ads. This follows a New York Times report on Thursday that Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign had paid popular Instagram meme pages for posts, and had partnered with a group called Meme 2020, led by the CEO of the viral media group Jerry Media. Facebook says sponsored political content won't go into Facebook’s political Ad Library unless the creator pays to boost their posts. On Instagram, paid posts will need to use the Branded Content Ads tool that adds the paid partnership label to a post. Posts that contain the voice of the politician will not be fact-checked under Facebook and Instagram policy but posts in the voice of solely the influencer will be.
Bloomberg, the news outlet not the candidate, sources say that Sony has not set final pricing or set an initial production target for the upcoming PlayStation 5, due to DRAM and NAND flash scarcity pushing the cost per unit to around $450. The company is reportedly waiting on Microsoft to announce pricing for the Xbox Series X before finalizing their number. The DRAM shortage is also reportedly impacting other Sony products, with features for an upcoming mirrorless camera cancelled as a result. Sources also say Sony plans to release an updated Playstation VR headset some time after the release of the PS5.
The Wall Street Journal's sources say that Google is talking to publishers in Europe about paying them to include content in a news product. Google said in a statement to The Journal, “We want to help people find quality journalism—it’s important to informed democracy and helps support a sustainable news industry. We care deeply about this and are talking with partners and looking at more ways to expand our ongoing work with publishers.” EU copyright law requires tech companies to pay for article previews, and Google previously said it would not pay and instead change how it displays news.
Security researcher Jamila Kaya and Duo Security informed Google of 71 Chrome extensions that were part of a malvertising and ad-fraud scheme, and had been installed over 1.7 million times. After being informed, Google identified more than 500 extensions as part of the scheme and removed them and disabled them on Chrome installations. Each plugin would initially connect to a domain with the same name as the plugin to check for instructions. From there, browsers would be redirected to hard-coded control servers to receive locations to upload data, advertisement feed lists, and domains for future redirects. User data and updated plugin configurations were subsequently uploaded to the servers. Redirects might take a user to an affiliate page of a legitimate site or to a malware or phishing page.
At an event in Beijing, Xiaomi announced its latest flagship phones, originally slated for announcement at MWC, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Both devices feature the Snapdragon 865 SoC, with 5G and WiFi 6. The Mi 10 Pro comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED Full HD curved display and 4 cameras on the back including a 108MP main camera with optical image stabilization, with support for 8K video on the main camera. There's support for 50W wired fast charging, 30W wireless charging, and the ability to output 10W charging to other devices. Pricing starts at 4,999 yuan (roughly $716 US), shipping February 18th. The Mi 10 features the same screen and main camera, but has a 2MP macro, and a 13MP ultrawide in place of the Pro's telephoto lenses. The phone includes support for 30W wired and wireless charging. Pricing starts at 3,999 yuan for a Mi 10 with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, available now.


Slack vs. Teams

Slack stock surged Monday after news that IBM would become its biggest customer. Trading halted slightly before market close, up more than 15%. The stock promptly fell 7% in after hours trading after Slack announced it wasn't updating financial guidance as IBM had been its biggest customer for several years in a trial mode. The actual news was that the roll-out will now be across IBM's entire digital workplace in geographies all over the world. (After the launch of its Enterprise Grid service last year, Slack reported it had 165,000 IBM users. The official launch pushes this to 350,000, more than doubling the number of users.
Jeff Teper, sometimes known as the “father of Microsoft SharePoint” who is Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft corporate vice president of Office apps, SharePoint, OneDrive and Stream is taking over leadership of Microsoft Teams.
But is this stuff good for us anyway? Research from the University of California and Humboldt University, found workers can lose up to 23 minutes on a task every time they are interrupted. Scientists found no difference in distraction between Slack and emails but one of the researchers involved, Gloria Marks, said the true cost is not so much productivity but stress. People are still getting work done, she believes, but they are making up for lost time by working longer hours.


While I like the direction of using off the shelf tools for the Nevada Caucus, I would be pretty wary of using Google Forms for mission critical data.

I previously built an internal tool off of Google Sheets and it was pretty much a slow disaster over time. While Google Sheets is a great tool, it's not really that great as hardened database storage. Also when things do fail, Google's support is lacking in a lot of ways. Hopefully, they are using GSuite so they can at least get support.

You get a lot of great features when using Google Forms and Sheets, but you also give up a lot of control. You can't really do much but wait for Google when things go bad. As a developer or IT Admin, you want to have some ways to mitigate problems and those options are few with services like Google Sheets. Overall, it's a good short term solution, but hopefully they make something better over time.
Sent by Paul the Satellite Dev from Texas



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