Trash Bags as a Prison Weapon

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Trash Bags as a Prison Weapon
Number 153
Broadcast Date December 14, 2018
Episode Length 11:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


If I tell Brian and Jason that SDS actually stands for "Silly Dungeon Spells," do you think they would start reading them?


We say it in the video, but let me re-iterate: please don't make these or use them.

Full Episode

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A 50 minute multi-cam view of the unedited episode.

Fun Facts

  • This video was recorded approximately 10 months before it was published.
  • "Aprons" is misspelled on-screen and is referenced in an easter egg within the captions.
  • This was the first episode to test radial countdown timers for information-heavy visual elements.
  • This episode features a some time later card.



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Trash Bags as a Prison Weapon
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