The Rothman Brothers

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The Rothman Brothers is an alias used by Brett Rounsaville (Scott Rothman) and Justin Robert Young (Diego Rothman).

As explained in Episode 22 (Take 1) of NSFW, OMG Chad entered into the competition at SXSW. If he won, Chad would have had the chance to be a correspondent in their podcast (not have his own podcast as it seemed several people entering the competition assumed.) He would also get to meet David Prager and have a tour of Revision3, both of which he has already done thanks to his work with Brian. Although he was excited about it at first, he quickly lost interest once he realized he wasn't interested in the prizes.

Justin and Brett also recorded a video for Not wanting to compete against Chad, they just did it for funzies and made up fake names: Scott and Diego Rothman. Had they known that Chad was no longer interested, they would have asked the NSFW fans to vote for them in their fake identities.

The Rothman Brothers make a surprise appearance in the How to Cut a Lime in half with a cigarette! episode of Scam School via archival footage from NSFW.