Episode 3

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Number 3
Broadcast Date Jan 5, 2009
Episode Length 3:07:09
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Mike Galante
Guests Justin Robert Young

Special guests Mike Galante, Justin Robert Young and your calls as we discuss the future of BBLiveShow in this "no agenda" cast.


The episode starts with Brian introducing his new "left hand man", Mike Galante. Mike mentions he enjoyed the Extreme Hotel Makeover episode of BBOTR, so Brian plays it as JRY calls in for the first time.

New Champions! Woo!

Great Quotes

"Justin Robert Young is calling?! Hold on just a moment! Ladies and gentlemen, JRY! Wait, he's gone. And that was a very exciting few seconds for me. And now he's back again! So it's exciting all over again! Justin...and, and, and he needs to turn down his audio on the Ustream because now he is live on Skype!" -Brian
"Yeah, because I've never yelled at a million people for doing exactly that before." -Justin
Upon revealing announcement of Sling's planned iPhone app SlingPlayer: "If you plan on having a conversation with me personally in the upcoming year, FUCK YOU. Jry's gonna be ALL THIS." -Justin, holding up iPhone
"Ladies & gentlemen, we have an exclusive! That's a scoop, right here on the BBLiveShow. 'JUSTIN R. YOUNG TO PUBLIC: FUCK YOURSELVES!'" -Brian

Ustream Recording


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