How To Count Cards and Beat The Casino!

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How To Count Cards & Beat The Casino!
Number 224
Broadcast Date June 27, 2012
Episode Length 15:56
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Counting cards ain't illegal, but you might get your butt kicked if you're caught. Don't let that stop you from trying! In this episode Brian shows us a card counting method you can do on the sly.

Revision3 Summary

Card counting so easy...a kid could do it! It might get you kicked out of a casino, but that can be a cool story, no?


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Don't forget to join us next week because we're going to be unveiling a time capsule that we buried just after the first episode of Scam School. Beer doesn't age well when it's inside an old cigar box, does it? Not even if I wrapped duct tape around it?

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Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Thee Parkside



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How To Count Cards and Beat The Casino!
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