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On March 2nd, 2013, Brian was the victim of a 4chan attack in which members of the /b/ board went to the Scam School YouTube channel and made false comments about Brian being a pedophile.

Brian pedo tweet.PNG

What Happened

If you don't already know, 4chan is full of people who love to make trouble on the internet. One of their favorite pastimes is to go to a popular Youtube channel or video and accuse the person of being a pedophile (This is just about the polar opposite of the Chatrealm's favorite pastime, the Compliment Bomb). Just by random chance, the Scam School YouTube channel or more specifically the "Puzzle Challenge Showdown" was chosen to be the recipient of the deluge of pedophilic accusations.


All times PST

3:28 PM March 2nd - Brian was randomly chosen as the target and the pedophile comments started rolling in.
3:39 - First tweet sent to Brian asking if the accusations are true. [1]
3:57 - @Jokermask tips Brian off to the attack. [2]
4:30 - Brian figures out what's going on, assumes it is connected to the controversy caused by him revealing the "invisible deck" on a recent Scam School episode.
4:38 - Brian realizes that it is a random attack.[3]
4:44 - Chatrealm is in full force marking the comments as spam and making comments of their own to bury the pedophile comments.
4:53 - Brian and Justin begin working on a response video. Chatrealm universally thinks this is a horrible idea.[4]
5:10 - 4chan moves on to a new target: Justin Bieber.[5]
5:38 - Brian releases the response video on the Scam School YouTube channel. Brian and Justin urge Chatrealm not to show any aggression toward 4chan.[6][7]
5:38-9:29 - Response video goes over well with both Chatrealm and 4chan. No further aggression from either side.
9:29 - Brian and Justin go live for the JuRY podcast to discuss the attack, among other things. 8
10:30 AM March 3rd - New wave of death reports being spammed from unknown source. The obvious assumption would be 4chan, but there were also rumors of 9gag being the culprits. Brian asks Chatrealm to monitor the situation.

Fun Facts

  • Brian was in California for Brett's wedding at the time.
  • Brian and Justin were probably recording Night Attack 2 during the attack.

Further Reading

t2t2 screen captured the YouTube comments as well as the /b/ thread where the planning took place.