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Number 139
Broadcast Date August 6, 2012
Episode Length 1:35:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The sales of The Diamond Club are revealed as Brian and Justin get drunk and party.


Opening Video

Those TWiT's LOVE to dance

The Diamond Club

The book that Chatrealm wrote, The Diamond Club, has been out for a week and for five straight days, it was #4 on the iTunes charts with a 5-star rating that later dropped down to 4.5 stars. At the time of the recording of this episode the book had dropped down to #6.

The result is notable because with previous pushes on the iTunes charts by the Chatrealm for the Scam School books, as well as some of Andrew Mayne's books, the book would reach the top 10 for a few hours to a day and would fall back down. The fact that The Diamond Club has stayed in the top 10 for over a week is truly remarkable.


The Diamond Club sales (before giving a cut to Vook, iTunes, Amazon etc):

  • Day 1: $2,436.86
  • Day 2: $2,422.60
  • Day 3: $2,206.60
  • Day 4: $1,824.76
  • Day 5: $1,699.81
  • Day 6: $1,677.51
  • Total: $12,276.14
  • Total (after iTunes, Vook and Amazon's cut, but still before taxes): $7,365.60

So where is the money going?

Well, this is a LOT more money than Brian and Justin were expecting, so they have to rethink their plans, however it just might involve an awesome suite at Dragon*Con. Since there is so much money now, it is safe to say that the money will also go to activities outside of Dragon*con and stay in the "NSFW Warchest" to be spent on the show at a later date.

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The Diamond Club or Fifty Shades of Grey

Chatrealm compiled some reviews for both The Diamond Club and Fifty Shades of Grey, then t2t2 put the reviews into a nice package that proceeded to fail during the show thanks to the high load generated by Chatrealm's Choice feature. Also because it wasn't hosted on Squarespace. The idea of the game was to figure out if the review was for The Diamond Club or for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Luckily all of the reviews have been saved and you can play along for yourself here and the code for the game can be found here.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "Bitches ain't S but hoes and tricks." -Justin
"You should've just went for the belt." -Brian
  • "We're in the unique position that we don't give a rat's asshole. We don't give a hemorrhoid off the butthole of a rat that was infested with cancer for the betterment of science." -Brian
  • *sung* "BEST-tiality, BES-ES-tiality! B-E-E-S-T-A-L-A-T-I-Y-E!" -Brian (aftershow)
  • "At this point, maybe we dipped off abotalit. That, that was not English..." -Brian

Fun Facts




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