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BobMcBob is a fairly-regular member of chat realm during NSFW. He only misses the occasional episode due to work or sleep, which he often confuses for each other.

..with Synergy!

BobMcBob did the original design work on the copywrite trademark infringing Grabrubarf logo (left). It was inspired by a meeting of the company's co-founders Mark Burstiner, Brian Brushwood, and Justin Robert Young during NSFWshow Episode #70 Synergy.

Interesting Facts (that are not on his rap sheet)

  • His name isn't really Bob, but in fact Steven.
  • He hails from the mystical land of Los Angeles in a small corner of the world called California.
  • BobMcBob does lots of Adobeshops during the show. Most are inappropriate but that is to be expected from a guy whose nickname is Bob but is named Steven. You can view some of the ones that have aired on the show here at his personal website:
  • He claims to have been around since the BBLiveShow-era, but tended to not engage the show or Chat Realm.
  • He live-tweeted during the midnight rush at BlackFriday2011. He spent 6 hours covering the event, but is most proud of this Twitter Post. He did not buy anything.
  • He may, in fact, be a moth.

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