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[[Category:Chat Regulars|neshcom]]
[[Category:Chat Regulars|neshcom]]
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[[Category:Scam School Guests|Castillo, Bryce]]
{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
| name      = Ryce Castillo
| name      = Ryce Castillo

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Ryce Castillo
Born 1990
Known For Music, videos, cuteness, streaming, hair
Podcasts Scam School, Cordkillers, Weird Things, Jump Point

Ryce Castillo, neshcom, or rycas is a dude-type being who grew up on Taco Bell. He's very cool and doesn't afraid of many things. Ryce makes music, videos, and other sorts of creative awesomeness. He is producer and co-host on Jump Point, a book club-style videogame podcast with Roberto Villegas and makes music under the name NESH COMPLEX. Ryce runs his own record label, Crystal Shadow Music, which recently signed its first-non-Ryce act, Come To Brazil. He is (unfortunately) probably best known for producing White People Rich.

Ryce has a Patreon to provide Twitch-/podcast-friendly music and crush the one-way, "I make it, you buy it" typical relationship between musician and listener. Pledge today, won't you?

Starting with Scam School episode 347, Ryce was been a fill-in crew member on Scam School. He is now an editor and producer for Scam School, Cordkillers, and Weird Things.

Ryce produced and edited Night Attack 3: Too Old to Talk. He detailed the process on My So Called 8bit Life episode 155.

In 2015, Ryce scrambled an egg, proving once and for all that he knows how to scramble eggs.


Ryce was born and raised in coastal Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012 with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging. He previously worked as a digital producer for a local city government. Ryce now resides in Austin, Texas working on a super secret project shhhh.

Selected Discography

  • Mercury Counter (August 24, 2014) - Cyberpunk album inspired by the 1950 noir film D.O.A. Funded through Kickstarter (and the merch rewards are available for all!). Often played on stream during pre-shows and on JuRY (Podcast) during segment breaks.
  • Red Red Red Wine (April 26, 2014) - Hip-hop reinterpretation of UB40's classic "Red Red Wine" sung by Captain Morgan (Justin). Pieced together from freestyle takes for the Ice Cold Open of Haunted Toaster. Debuted on Don Juan de la Trash (pre-show).
  • Heart Rate/Awash (Single) (April 14, 2014) - First official release on Crystal Shadow Music. Awash has been used on Retro Fun Time as the theme song for the pixel world hub.
  • Night Attack 2 remixes (April 20, 2013) - 5 "word salad" remixes to accompany Night Attack 2.
    • Animal Fairy (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
    • Superhero (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
    • Abe's Labes (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
    • Hobo Joe (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
    • Racist Time Machine (NESH COMPLEX Remix)
  • Left-Hand Low-Five (December 2, 2012) - First "word salad" remix. Samples NSFW Show episode 155: Welcome to Grunberry.
  • Somebody That I Used To Know (NESH COMPLEX Remix) (May 10, 2012) - Remix of the Gotye mega-hit featuring samples from the first Night Attack album track, "Mexican Hitler Strikes Back! / Sweatin' to the Fuhrer"
  • POST POP -2nd Stage- and POST POP -1st Stage- (February 7, 2012) - First full NESH COMPLEX album. 2nd Stage is a full-length album that is remixed from itself into tracks that subvert pop and musical norms like tempo and rhythm. 1st Stage includes the original, unremixed original tracks and deleted tracks.

Appearances and Podcasts