But It's All Fine Now

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But It's All Fine Now
Number 277
Broadcast Date June 13, 2019
Episode Length 01:36:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Heaton

Andrew Heaton, now-formerly of What's Off with Andrew Heaton, is in Austin to talk getting fired and what's next. Plus, an educational trivia game, "Ridley's I Can't Believe It...Or Can I?" and your emails to [email protected]


Try Try and the Prepared

It's a show with special guest Andrew Heaton. Andrew Heaton has a new Patreon for his new ventures (https://www.patreon.com/andrewheaton), since his show Something's Off with Andrew Heaton is coming to the end of it's run. Brian and Just have both guested on Andrew Heaton's show several times, and Andrew Heaton appeared at the recent SXSW live show, and now they're all on Night Attack together.

"Something's Off With Andrew Heaton" may have ended but it's still good, go back and listen to the back episodes.

Join Andrew Heaton's mailing list to stay informed on what projects he's up to, http://www.mightyheaton.com. He plans to continue doing a weekly podcast and other things.

We've All Been There

Andrew, Brian and Justed chatted for a while about the career of doing stand-up comedy or magic for live audiences and dealing with hecklers or ambivalent audiences.

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This weeks the THE BIT BOSS was IBOROBOTOSIS23

Ridley's I can't believe it or can I game

It's a trivia game from Bryce, the most trivia gamey game they maybe have ever gamed. There are six topics of questions and the guys have to guess. It'll be great.

  • Stop Emailing My life: How many people have ever lived and died since 50,000 BCE? Brian says 38 billion, Justin says 21 billion, Andrew says 40 million no wait, 40 billion. The real answer is about 108 BILLION. Andrew got the point.
  • The Real Knock-Out Game: When was the first reported usage of Ether as a surgical anaesthetic? Justin says 1879, Andrew says 1852, Brian says 1861. The answer was March 30th 1842. Andrew got the point. Ether was discovered in the 8th century and used as laughing gas for entertainment as far back as the 1700's though.
  • Blue Bloods: How much does the horseshoe crab's blood sell for (per gallon)? Andrew says $20,000/gal. Brian says $2 million/gal. Justin says $2 million + $1/gal. The correct answer is $60,000/gal. Andrew gets the point.
  • Doing Lines: Which US state has the most coastline? Brian says Florida. Justin says California. Andrew says Alaksa. The correct answer is Minnesota. This answer is contentious because it depends on how you count shoreline, but Bryce had the data-uh to back up his answer.
  • Great Neighbors: How long is the Australian Dingo Fence made in 1885? Justin says 5400 miles. Andrew says 3000 miles. Brian says 3072 miles. The fence is 3488 miles. Brian gets the point.

This last question was worth four points.

  • Big Cloud Data: How much does an average cumulous cloud weigh? Andrew says 6,000 lbs. Brian says 20,000 lbs. Justin says 10,000 lbs. The answer is 1.1 million lbs. Brian got the points.

If you have some original research or data or a completed game send it to mail at night attack dot tv and you might get stickers from http://StickersOrDIAF.com

Diamond Club

Movie Draft

Hey look Frogpants is in the lead. See it all at http://draft.diamondclub.tv.


A listener started losing his hair in the early 20's. (Brian is the only guy in his family to still have hair). What did you learn during your two weeks of not doing shows? (Breaks are good, and the shows with everyone in the studio together turn out really well). What about doing a show that is like "Nailed it" but with people learning magic? (Please delete this from the podcast so Brian can use this great idea). Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.

Fun Facts

  • Humans have a lot of bacteria, and some people need poop transplants.
  • Brian had a good story via Penn Jilette about James Randi getting anaesthetic.
  • There was a twitch viewer from Western Australia in the chat during the dingo fence question


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