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The inimitable Chat Room (also known as Chatrealm) has often been said to be the writers of much of the absurd shit that appears on Diamond Club TV. They are a dedicated group of content producers brought together by magician and entrepreneur Brian Brushwood, comedian and journalist Justin Robert Young, and Internet jack-of-all-trades Tom Merritt. Frequently over the line and immature, the Chat Room consists of the best and worst that Diamond Club TV has to offer.

...except for Kuhan. He's always the worst.


The chat room is hosted on Diamond Club's Chatrealm IRC network. The main chat room is #chat. For other chat rooms, the rules may vary depending on who mods that room/channel.

  • Most important rule: don't be a dick (if someone asks you to stop doing something, you probably should) - respect must be extended to other fellow Chatrealmers
  • Take all drama to #drama or use PMs (private messages) or go somewhere else
  • If you are getting into a long conversation with someone, it is best to take that conversation somewhere else so that you are not clogging up the main chat
  • Don't spam excessively (the exception being during Night Attack)
  • All Hail the mighty t2t2 and his trusty moderaptor Source Link

Brief History of Chatrealm

Giggleloop's mock-up of what the chat realm would look like

During Scream Queens vs Zombie President, the chat room was accidentally referred to as "the chat realm". They went with it.

After that, "Chatrealm" became the term used to refer to fans of NSFW who are in the IRC chat room as they watch. Fans who also join in on unscheduled broadcasts are referred to as Diamond Club.

Over the years, the term "chatrealm" has started to be used to refer to people in the chat room of other TWiT shows with "Diamond Club" being used as the term often used to differentiate fans of NSFW.

IRC Bots


  • written by tinnvec
  • dctvbot basically is moderaptor 2.0
  • it posts links to channels when they go live among other things
  • changes the topic of IRC when a show goes live
  • for help commands type "/msg dctvbot help commands" without the quotes
  • dctvbot was written in ruby by tinnvec with this as the framework cinch
  • Deprecated trigger words as of this writing: Anthony Carboni, preshow?, #boiled, Are you ready?, paaants
  • Current commands as of this writing:
    • !next tells you the next scheduled diamond club show
    • !now tells you what is currently live on
    • !schedule tells you the next 5 scheduled shows for found on the DCTV Google calendar
    • !flip does as the command suggests, flips whatever you type
    • !google, !wolfram, and !urban will do a search on their respective site commands and dctvbot will show the 1st result in the chat
  • Fun Fact: dctvbot is a woman. On February 9, 2016 this interaction took place.
    • 15:15:43 <Biocow> dctvbot: Pre-show?
    • 15:15:43 <%dctvbot> Biocow: I'm a female... Hehe.. That's why...
    • 15:16:10 <Biocow> dctvbot: When did you become a female?
    • 15:16:11 <%dctvbot> Biocow: When I was born?
  • Later dctvbot went on to say her name is Felicia, but got the chatrealm user's name wrong.
    • 15:56:23 <%dctvbot> Biocow: My real name is Felicia. It is nice to meet you James.


  • Written by lkalif
  • If you want to submit an idea for a live show title type "!s title here" without the quotes
  • Everyone's submissions will show up at where they can be voted on
  • Ultimately the show hosts have final say on the title
  • Download the code from github IRC Bot -- Backend


  • hosted on the GFQ network to fill in that time when showbot was down.
  • It used the showbot code from github
  • Maintained by Sunkast

Retired Bots


  • written by cracker64. It posts links to live channels on
  • precursor to dctvbot (coded by Tinnvec)


  • written by t2t2
  • announced upcoming shows
  • changed #chat topic when a show went live
  • Numberwang that one time
  • other cool stuff I cant think of at the moment
  • dctvbot handles all of what moderaptor did

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