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Cheeto's avatar, inspired by his love for Minecraft.
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Cheeto is a regular member of chat realm during NSFW. CHEETO IS A STRONG BLACK WOMAN THAT DON'T NEED NO MAN. He has been involved with OMGcraft since it's conception, with OMGchad and t2t2. Cheeto's long lasting anonymity (mostly)ceased as he met many members of chatrealm at Dragon*Con 2013. At Dragon*Con, he passed out buttons to those lucky to meet him inscribed with the words "I met Cheeto but all I got was this lousy button." In January 2013, Cheeto became a moderator of TWiT's IRC.

Cheeto's avatar. NOTE: He really isn't all.

Color Cheeto!

'Color Cheeto!' refers to a tweet, posted by Brian. The photo (left) features a tucan/parrot like bird with Maracas and the title 'Color Cheeto!', from one of his daughter's coloring book. This then inspired Cheeto's current avatar.

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